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Online Learning

Discover the Difference: Michigan State University's Virtual Classroom

Michigan State University (MSU), in conjunction with the University Alliance, offers you the opportunity to earn a master certificate anytime, anywhere – in your home, at work, or even while you travel. The great benefit of online learning? No campus classroom attendance is ever required!

Through advanced Internet technology, you’ll be immersed in a stimulating online learning environment that facilitates communication and collaboration between you, your fellow classmates and program faculty. There has never been an easier, more convenient way to balance work, school and family.

Michigan State University’s Online Learning Tools Keep You Connected

Michigan State University’s online classroom is second to none! With dynamic features such as online chat rooms, streaming video, discussion boards and email, you’ll enjoy rich, real-time interaction no other program can match.

Online Learning – Discover the Difference: Michigan State University's Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Two-way voice over IP, instant messaging and shared virtual whiteboards allow you to interact with fellow classmates and faculty in real time. Discuss weekly assignments or ask questions. It’s just like being in a real classroom, but this one is live on the Internet.

Online Streaming Video Lectures

The classroom comes to you. Watch and learn from instructors and corporate professionals as they deliver lectures and course materials online – when and where it’s convenient to you. Video lectures are available upon request on CD-ROM, so you can still “attend class” even when you’re offline.

New MP4 Video Lectures

Advance your education using the latest technology – and enjoy unparalleled portability – with MP4 video lectures, now available for all of the University’s 100% online programs! Download lectures onto your iPhone, iPod or other video-enabled mobile device and keep up with your coursework at the gym, on the train or anywhere you can safely view video content.

MP3 Audio Lectures

In addition to watching your weekly lectures online or on CD-ROM, you can also listen to them on the go by downloading them to any MP3 player. Catch up on your courses whenever and wherever you like – whether you’re commuting to the office, working out or walking the dog.

Student & Faculty Email

A dedicated email system allows you to communicate and collaborate with your online university professors and fellow students.

Discussion Boards

Post and answer questions or discuss key topics and online course assignments with your instructors and classmates.

E-Learning Resources Ensure Your Success

You’ll find a wide variety of support every step of the way – from your initial inquiry to the completion of your online certificate program. Whether you have a question about an assignment, technical support or enrollment, you’ll receive personal attention and service that maximizes your learning experience.

Online Faculty Support

Virtual classes, email and Internet discussion boards deliver extended interaction with program faculty and classmates, ensuring an engaging and rewarding educational experience. In fact, many students find they are learning, participating and enjoying themselves more in this online program than they ever did in a traditional classroom.

Your Program Representative

To help you achieve your goals, you will be assigned a dedicated program representative. Your representative will help you register for courses and assist you in ordering books and materials. You will develop a close working relationship with your representative and are encouraged to take advantage of the full range of services he or she can provide.

Customer Service and 24/7 IT Support

We are here for you when you need assistance or technical support. Choose the option that’s most convenient for you — phone or email.