Master Certificate in Strategic Change Management

Master Certificate in Strategic Change Management

Companies face change any time they want to grow, restructure, launch products, alter processes or do anything else necessary to remain competitive. And when they do, they look for leaders like you who can make the change a success. Be someone they can count on. Earn your Master Certificate in Strategic Change Management online from Michigan State. Whether you are driven to initiate change or recognize the value of being able to, you can develop the hard-working mentality and skills of a change leader. You’ll learn how to dig deep, identify the need for change, create solutions, and empower and motivate others around you to take action.

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Taught by MSU’s master’s-level faculty, four eight-week courses online focus on the opportunities presented by change as well as the proper timing for implementation. They reveal best practices for change management, including gaining support from the workforce, reshaping organizational culture, overcoming politics, and mobilizing individuals and teams to complete initiatives.

You’ll take three required courses in succession, followed by one elective to customize your experience and earn 14 Continuing Education Units (3.5 CEUs per course). Each course builds upon the last, giving you the skills and knowledge to:

  • Lead evolutionary change and become a change advocate
  • Apply the right change management tactic at the right time
  • Create work teams that are resilient in the face of change
  • Leverage negotiation skills to overcome obstacles and gain support for initiatives
  • Establish an organizational structure and design that elevates performance levels
  • Identify processes related to motivation, diversity, group performance and culture

Who Should Register?

The Master Certificate in Strategic Change Management is for aspiring or current managers, consultants and organizational leaders across all position levels. It has been designed to help professionals implement and manage change at the company, departmental or individual level.