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MSU’s online lectures allow you to learn without limits! Each lecture is available in an online streaming format that you can pause, rewind and replay, or as a downloadable MP3 or MP4, allowing you to study on the go. In addition to classroom lectures, you'll also have the opportunity to engage in live, instructor-led sessions that feature virtual whiteboards so you can visualize key points. Best of all, you'll be learning with experienced professors and industry experts – many who teach on campus within the Broad College of Business.

Supply Chain Management Video Lecture

Dr. David Closs explores the importance of Supply Chain Management by defining it in terms of the physical entities involved, and identifying key requirements for improving supply chain performance. 

Distribution Fulfillment Video Lecture

Wondering how your product gets into the marketplace? Dr. Bixby Cooper explains the outcomes of channel mapping, map links, and alternatives for flows and functions.

Manufacturing Planning & Control Video Lecture

Dr. Sri Talluri takes you through the Manufacturing Planning and Control System process while taking a deeper look into the specific areas of manufacturing and supply chain management.

Strategic Sourcing Video Lecture

Learn the basic concepts of quality management, how they are applied and how they add value to procurement. Dr. Tobias Schoenherr shares his knowledge.

Strategic Negotiation Video Lecture

Think like a negotiator! Dr. Don Conlon explains the key concepts from research on the thinking patterns of negotiators. 

Strategic Human Resource Management Video Lecture

Discover the responsibilities of human resource management.  Dr. John R. Hollenbeck discusses the roles and activities conducted by a company’s human resource team. 

Strategic Leadership Video Lecture

Dr. Robert Wiseman explains how to recognize the difference between a good and bad strategy. Learn how to outmaneuver your partners by the value proposition you offer.  

Strategic Decision Making Video Lecture

Think of decision making as problem solving. Dr. Richard Z. Gooding takes you through the stages and steps of the problem-solving process.

Hospitality Leadership Video Lecture

Learn how to attract the very best people to your organization. Dr. Ron Cichy identifies the most important keys to becoming a successful leader.

Message from the Dean Sanjay Gupta

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dean of the Eli Broad College of Business at MSU discusses what it means to be Spartan-ready and the university’s award-winning faculty, leaders in their fields who help students prepare for any demand of a global professional world. Transcript:  The Broad College is ranked am...