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Student Testimonials

Students just like you have shared their successes and experiences with Michigan State University’s online programs. Learn in their own words why they selected MSU and what the knowledge and insights they gained mean to their lives and careers.

Arthur Makarewicz
Student MS Management, Strategy and Leadership

Having great experiences at MSU as an undergraduate I was well aware of the reputation and quality of education that I received. The fact that this new program utilizes the on-line format really made the difference for me. I really was set on this program both for the ease of use and the reputation in the field that this degree will carry.

I’ve spoken to many potential students and cannot say enough positives about this program. The flexibility is fantastic as you basically can work this program into a hectic work/life schedule. The professors have been fantastic to deal with as well. The online format/program is easy to use and Bisk representatives are there to help you with the entire process."

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Darielle Lukaart
Workforce Management and Development

This has been a great course to help me improve our company in the area of talent management.

Understanding what is involved in the talent development should allow me the opportunity to put some programs in place that create value for the employee and more importantly value to the bottom line.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning and look forward to more."

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Eswaran Shankar
Supply Chain Management and Operations

The online education experience has been excellent and an awesome experience. It has helped me immensely to apply supply chain concepts at work, while recommending industry-standard solutions to warehouse implementation problems.

This unique program is a must for working professionals who are in supply chain fields or about to make a choice whether to go into the supply chain industry.

I would recommend this program to everyone who wants to grow in the supply chain industry and who is looking to learn supply chain concepts from world-renowned professors of Michigan State University."

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Fred Paul
Management Certificate in the Business of Hospitality

As a full-time employee I did not have the opportunity or time to sit in a physical class room, so I knew from the start online would be the only option.

I decided to pursue my training program through Michigan State University because the first impression is usually the best. From the onset, MSU and Bisk were hospitable, quickly answered any questions or concerns I had, and provided unwavering support.

After completing the certificate program, I received several job offers locally within the hospitality industry. Today I am a part of the pre-opening team as VIP Manager with SLS LUX and Residences at Baha Mar.

My advice to anyone considering to enroll in the program would simply be just do it!"

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Mariana Vona
Business Leadership and Management

The main reason I decided to take this program was because I wanted to continue to develop my skills, update my credentials, and mostly, to transition to a corporate job.

Two weeks ago, I started a new position and I strongly believe making the choice to enroll led me to open a career opportunity in the corporate industry. I will be in charge of all the promotion within the U.S. and Canada.

I am really enjoying my new job, but mostly, my certificate. I really like the way the classes have been structured, the materials are very complete and I can truly say I have received much more knowledge than what I expected.

Making the decision to study for this certificate has changed my life and opened career opportunities."

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Pamela Tassinari
Business Leadership and Management

The courses that are offered through the Bisk are all accredited and the preparation they give is well worthwhile, as you can apply it to the real, professional world.

The professors are great, well prepared and the classes are well structured, focused on the educational purposes, easy to follow, and easy to and easy to listen to from any location and with any tool, including smartphone and tablets.

Thank you to Bisk. I shall definitively carry on following your suggestions that are leading me towards a great international career."

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Carlos Javier Jimenez Godoy
Management Certificate in the Business of Hospitality

I did my research here in Canada and various USA schools, and the MSU program was very complete and focused in the area where I wanted to gain experience.

The content of the material is great and you have a once-a-week group discussion which is recorded if you can’t attend it.

Sometimes you have to invest in yourself if you want to move up the ladder in your organization. This program is great for professionals. You could do it on your own terms and schedule. I will keep gaining credentials and knowledge in the area of hospitality."

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Adam C. Tesdale
Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management

I started my procurement career outsourcing technology, as well as audiovisual equipment and support needs for business meetings and events within the continental United States. We grew a network of “vendors” and I eventually became the Vendor Relations Manager in charge of vendor relationships. I later joined a larger corporation focused on supplying app and online-based consumers with the ability to find new and used cars. I worked in contract management and vendor relationships for our enterprise technology and data center departments, essentially procuring all resources needed to keep the offices and website operational.

This course has shown me a comprehensive view and appreciation for the work and experiences I’ve had up to this point in my career, and reinforced the partnership-focused view I’ve fought for over several years. I’ve learned so much about the strategic and applicable methodology to engage both a supply network and internal stakeholders.

I am going to use this knowledge to advance my career with companies that have this focus and continue to work with a broader strategic supply network set of goals and assessments, while engaging in tactics to build relationships and fill network gaps from the group up. This class has confirmed my professional interest in supply management and procurement. I’m excited to complete the program and apply the knowledge in my company and community."

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Robert Bonk
Business Leadership Management

My experience with the Strategic Management course has been a very enriching one. Throughout the course, I developed a better understanding of my company’s corporate strategy and the role that leadership plays within this strategy. I was able to understand the risks and benefits of strategic alliances and could see how these played out in my company.

I also developed a better understanding of corporate responsibility and ethics in the workplace. I now have a new view of the importance of this, not only in my company but in how my company interacts with other businesses.

The case studies were well thought out and relevant to each module and modern day business. I find myself incorporating ideas and concepts on an almost daily basis at work and realize how much I have learned and better understand my company."

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William Cronch
Business Leadership Management

I just completed my Strategic Leadership course and it has greatly impacted my learning experience. Although I am nowhere near finished with my education, MSU and their excellent programs have allowed me to advance myself both educationally and socially. I have learned a lot in this course and I am continuing to learn more each day. I look forward to completing my business certificate with MSU and eventually creating my own business consulting firm."

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