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Put the Spartan Tradition to Work for You

Propel yourself from “management material” to management excellence. MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business offers blended and online degree and certificate programs for professionals looking to improve job performance and marketability. You’ll be taught by the same business professors who teach on campus. Whether you choose to enroll in a master’s degree, a graduate certificate or professional certificate program, you will develop the skills to be a more effective communicator, manager, leader and decision-maker – and have the credentials to prove it.

Graduate Degree Seeking Students

Designed to make the ultimate impact on your career, MSU’s graduate programs will help you enhance your strategic capabilities, providing the competencies you need to be a transformational leader in your organization and industry overall.

Certificate Program

Accelerate your career and open doors to lucrative job opportunities with a professional certificate program. MSU’s Broad College of Business offers master and advanced master certificate programs online in Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Leadership and Management, as well as a variety of programs in Hospitality.