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Analytics for Competitive Advantage | Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Lecture Faculty: Cheri Speier-Pero, PhD
Week 1: Competing With Analytics
1 Course Introduction
2 Introduction to Analytics
3 Strategic Analytics Orientation
4 Evolution of Analytics Within the Enterprise
5 Role of a Data Scientist
6 Data Scientist Skills Identification
7 Enterprise Decision Making
8 The Analytics Landscape
9 Challenges in Creating an Analytics Platform
Week 2: Using Analytics to Create Value
10 Data and the Four Vs
11 Data Volume
12 Data Velocity
13 Data Variety
14 Data Veracity
15 Internet of Things
16 Analytics Transforming Industries
17 Analytics Transforming Companies
Week 3: Enterprise Data Management, Analytical and Modeling Tools
18 Enterprise Data and ERP Systems
19 Relational Databases and Multi-Dimensional Data Storage
20 The Data Management Life Cycle
21 Data Management Continued – Business Intelligence
22 Data Storage and Processing Hadoop® and MapReduce
23 Analytical and Modeling Tools
24 Statistical and Programming Tools
25 Data Mining Algorithms
Week 4: Value Chain and Business Analytics
26 Dashboards and KPIs
27 Porter's Five Forces
28 Five Forces and Analytics
29 Structural Changes in Customer Engagement
30 Computational Computing and Value Creation
31 Using Computational Computing in Industry Applications
32 Porter's Value Chain
Week 5: Marketing/Sales Valuation Processes
33 Introduction to Marketing and Sales
34 Analytics and Customer Acquisition
35 Search Engine Optimization
36 Analytics and Marketing Segmentation
37 Analytics and Customer Churn and Retention
38 Enhancing the Customer Relationship and Web Analytics
39 Analytics and Customer Lifetime Value
40 Analytics and Social Media
Week 6: Supply Chain, Enterprise Risk and HR Processes
41 Enterprise Risk Management
42 Finance
43 Accounting
44 Supply Chain Management (SCM)
45 SCM Manufacturing
46 SCM Logistics and Returns
47 Human Resources
48 Unique Applications
Week 7: Identifying and Defining Organizational Problems and Opportunities
49 Critical Factors in Enterprise Analytics Success
50 Structuring Your Analytics Team
51 Managing an Analytics Project: Part 1
52 Managing an Analytics Project: Part 2
53 Measuring Analytics Value Creation
54 Personal Privacy: Part 1
55 Personal Privacy: Part 2
56 Securing Data
Week 8: Telling the Story of the Data – Communication and Visualization
57 Role as a Storyteller
58 What is Visualization?
59 Why Visualization is Important
60 Visualization Touch Points in the Analytics Process
61 Visualization Techniques to Tell Stories
62 Challenges with Visual Information
63 Software Tools for Visualizing Data
64 Visual Displays for Sensemaking