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Hospitality Business Operations

Hospitality Business Operations

Better Business Operations – the Key to Delivering Customer Satisfaction

In the hospitality industry, what goes on behind the scenes is crucial to delivering a great customer experience. This is especially true in an increasingly competitive industry environment, where your customers’ satisfaction can make or break your organization’s overall success. To earn customer approval, close attention needs to be paid to the key activities immediately preceding or directly related to their experiences. These are the operations functions that provide the infrastructure for creating the best quality experience for your customer.

Hospitality Business Operations

In this eight-week 100% online course, you’ll develop your expertise and build a foundation across operations functions: information systems, financial planning and internal customers. You’ll also strengthen your understanding of and gain valuable cross-disciplinary skills in lodging, gaming, private club, and food and beverage operations.

What You’ll Learn

Hospitality Industry Overview

  • How to evaluate franchise and non-franchise lodging opportunities
  • Organization of the foodservice process in a restaurant
  • Technology, alcohol and other influential aspects of restaurants
  • Challenges of maintaining consistency in guest services
  • Increasing expectations and competition within the industry

Marketing the Hospitality Experience

  • Defining the experience economy and the role of marketing in the experience economy
  • Understanding the functions of the new marketing concept (defining demand, identifying demand, influencing demand and servicing demand)
  • Supporting the elements of the hospitality experience (benefits, convenience, incentive and environment)
  • Applying the journalism model to hospitality marketing

Hospitality Information Systems

  • Overview of property management systems (PMS) through four standard application software modules: front office operations, back office operations, guest-operated interfaces and non-guest operated interfaces
  • Restaurant management systems (RMS) through four industry-standard application software modules: sales-oriented operations, management-oriented operations, specialty interfaces and specialty applications
  • Hospitality technology trends including self-service applications, web-based applications, transaction processing technologies and data mining

Financial Planning

  • Financial benchmarks for guiding the planning and operation of your hospitality organization
  • Fundamentals of an operations budget
  • Budget variance analysis

Hospitality Internal Customers

  • How to identify the internal and external customers of your industry
  • The best hospitality organizations and their management approaches
  • Factors integral to pleasing internal customers
  • The key components of empowering associates
  • How to analyze the results of the human resources process model

Lodging Operations

  • Sources of reservation inquiries and their distribution channels
  • Key factors in improving the reservation experience for the guest
  • Critical features of successful reservation management
  • Basics of a positive check-in experience
  • How to apply quality control factors to improve the guest experience in the room

Gaming Operations

  • Capitalize on the mystique of the gaming industry
  • Options for gamblers around the world and the competitive nature of the industry
  • The vast differences among casinos
  • How to identify levels of security
  • How to analyze casino operations compared to other business regulations

Food and Beverage Operations

  • Facets of commercial and non-commercial foodservices
  • The operators of the foodservice industry
  • Analysis of restaurant ownership and a sample restaurant organization
  • How to evaluate planning tools used by managers, and outline why the menu is important as a planning tool
  • Various forms of cost control in food, beverage and labor

Credit & Tuition

ACE credit recommendation 3 semester hours in the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category. Register today and earn 3.5 CEUs for $1,580.

Who Should Register?

The Hospitality Business Operations course is an essential first step for professionals looking to enter the hospitality field or those that are currently working in hotels, restaurants and corporate offices. By developing a thorough understanding of all the operations functions of these businesses, you can gain the skills and credentials necessary to move up or transition to another job in the hospitality industry.

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