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Professional Certificate in Change Management Courses

Complete the courses below and earn your professional certificate. Each course is eight weeks in duration; however, you have the ability to complete each course around your schedule and timeframe. Chat or call 855-300-1310 now to speak with an enrollment representative. Register online if you’re ready to get started now.

Take 2 Required Courses

Leadership Effectiveness

Build the team development and leadership skills to communicate the impact and value of change to others, overcome change resistance and develop strategies for increasing worker engagement. Learn how to use goal setting, incentives and evidence-based management to create and oversee teams that are driven to succeed. 

Strategic Change Leadership

Add value to your company and career by developing the change management skills and leadership attributes that enable you to make change a success. This course focuses on the intricacies of change management, the strategic planning and processes involved, and how workforces can be aligned and encouraged to meet deadlines and goals.