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Strategic Leadership and Management Courses

Strategic Leadership

A must for both early career and seasoned professionals, this course helps you master the key components of strategic management and make more rewarding contributions to your company’s success. Learn strategies for identifying, analyzing and capitalizing on the internal and external sources that can impact your organization’s competitive position. 

Strategic Decision Making

Apply best practices to strategic decision making and leadership and gain the confidence to take action quickly and impact the bottom line. Learn to adopt key decision making concepts and processes, recognize factors that influence individual and group decision making, and discover ways to avoid the pitfalls of common decision making mistakes. 

Strategic Management

Develop a comprehensive approach to corporate strategy and build your strategic management, planning and competitive analysis skills. Discover what it takes for corporations to achieve and retain competitive advantages and explore key areas of corporate strategy, including mergers and acquisitions, diversification, strategic alliances and corporate governance.

Leadership Effectiveness

Build the team development and leadership skills to communicate the impact and value of change to others, overcome change resistance and develop strategies for increasing worker engagement. Learn how to use goal setting, incentives and evidence-based management to create and oversee teams that are driven to succeed. 

Strategic Change Leadership

Add value to your company and career by developing the change management skills and leadership attributes that enable you to make change a success. This course focuses on the intricacies of change management, the strategic planning and processes involved, and how workforces can be aligned and encouraged to meet deadlines and goals.

Global Business Strategy

Learn how to implement, manage and measure a global strategy, using a framework consisting of 13 industry drivers, strategy levers and organization factors. This framework has been studied and applied by a number of multinational companies. You’ll also explore best practices for success and analyze factors impacting global market performance.

Cross Cultural Management

In this course, you’ll learn how to adapt to different business and cultural norms. You’ll utilize the Spony Profiling Model, an in-depth questionnaire/profiling tool that will help you establish an effective and flexible style for working in multi-cultural environments. Leveraging cross-cultural data from close to 40 countries, you’ll apply personal insights you learn to build relationships with people of other cultures, from emerging markets to your home office.

Human Resource Management

Learn how to recognize talent, reward top performing individuals and teams, and find employees who will positively impact your company’s growth and competitive position. This course will teach you how to align workforce management with the overall strategic goals of the business and how to navigate the challenges that can arise during that process.  

Workforce Management and Development

Explore the connection between workforce management and company success and discover how to leverage HR processes and planning to benefit your company and your career. This course focuses on best practices for identifying and retaining employees, fostering internal talents, encouraging innovation and identifying advancement potential.

Compensation and Reward Management

Expand and refine your knowledge of key compensation techniques, such as incentive pay and pay based on skill level, seniority and merit. Discover the link between compensation plans and recruiting, employee selection, performance reviews, and employee development.  Explore ways to institute pay programs, employee benefits and labor relations strategies that create a competitive advantage through compensation.

Strategic Negotiation

Strengthen your skill sets in intra-organizational, team, multi-party and cross-cultural negotiations. Negotiate better purchasing arrangements with vendors and suppliers. Identify negotiation opportunities, improve your ability to gain support for ideas or change, address conflicts and gain an understanding of the unique challenges that exist when individuals, groups and organizations face potential or existing conflict.