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Leadership Effectiveness Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Lecture Faculty: Russell Johnson, PhD
Facilitating Faculty: Keith Niblett
Week 1: Effective Use of Leadership and Power
1 Leadership as a Social Process
2 How Leader Emergence Occurs
3 Sources of Power
4 Power and Social Influence
Week 2: Evidence-Based Management
5 Leading vs. Managing
6 Introduction to Evidence-Based Management
7 Evidence-Based Management in Practice
8 Research on Implicit Leadership Theory
Week 3: Satisfying Follower Needs
9 Human Needs and Intrinsic Motivation
10 Need for Autonomy
11 Satisfying Autonomy
12 Need for Competence
13 Goal Orientation
14 Need for Relatedness
15 Importance of Leader-Follower Relations
16 Importance of Person-Environment Fit
Week 4: Creating Enriched and Fair Work Environments
17 Motivating via Job Design
18 Evidence for Job Design
19 Ensuring Outcome Fairness
20 Evidence for Outcome Fairness
21 Ensuring Procedural Fairness
22 Evidence for Procedural Fairness
23 Ensuring Interactional Fairness
24 Evidence for Interactional Fairness
Week 5: Effective Leadership Via Directive and Supportive Behaviors
25 Being a Directive Leader
26 Evidence for Directive Leadership
27 Setting Goals
28 Feedback that Motivates
29 Being a Supportive Leader
30 Evidence for Supportive Leader Behavior
Week 6: Effective Leadership Via Participative, Transactional, and Ethical Behaviors
31 Being a Participative Leader
32 Evidence for Participative Leader Behavior
33 Being a Transactional Leader
34 Rewarding and Punishing Followers
35 Being an Ethical Leader
36 Evidence for Ethical Leader Behavior
Week 7: Effective Leadership Via Transformational Behaviors
37 Being a Transformational Leader
38 Evidence for Transformational Leader Behavior
39 Being Charismatic Via Emotional Contagion
40 Managing Your Emotions
41 Being Charismatic in Communication
42 Importance of Expressing Confidence in Your Followers
43 Importance of Activating Followers' Group Identities
Week 8: Leading and Managing Organizational Change
44 Change Process in Organizations
45 Managing Resistance to Change
46 Planning for Change
47 Leading the Change Process