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Strategic Decision Making Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Lecture Faculty: Richard Z. Gooding, PhD
Facilitating Faculty: Richard Z. Gooding, PhD
Week 1: Strategic Decision Making and Human Information Processing
1 Introduction to Strategic Decisions
2 Your Role in Strategic Decision Making
3 Human Information Processing 
4 The Selective Nature of Attention 
5 Constructive Nature of Memory
Week 2: Strategic Decision Making Biases and Traps 
6 Decision Traps 
7 Availability Bias in Decision Making
8 Representativeness and Small Sample Bias 
9 Regression to the Mean Bias 
10 Confirmation Bias
11 The Importance of Disconfirming Information: What Could Go Wrong
12 Anchoring Bias
Week 3: Strategic Making Process and Understanding Risk 
13 Strategic Decision Making 
14 Decision Making as Problem Solving 
15 Bounded Rational Model of Decision Making 
16 Understanding Risk and Estimating Probabilities
17 Combing Probabilities 
18 Making Vaild Decisions Using Probabilities
19 Decision Framing Part I 
20 Decision Framing Part II
Week 4: Communication and Individual Differences in Strategic Decision Making 
21 Communication in Decision Making 
22 Individual Differences in Decision Making Part I 
23 Individual Differences in Decision Making Part II
Week 5: Group Dynamics and Using Teams in Strategic Decision Making 
24 Group Decision Making 
25 Vromm-Yetton Case Study
26 Delphi and Nominal Group Techniques
27 Group Decision Making Pitfalls
28 Effective Teams Part I
29 Effective Teams Part II
Week 6: Tools and Techniques: Defining the Current Situation and Strategy
30 Strategic Planning Tools and Techniques
31 Defining Current Situation - SWOT Analysis
32 SWOT Analysis - Case Study
33 Defining Current Situation - Understanding the Industry
34 Defining Current Situation - Strategy Activity Mapping 
35 Strategy Activity Mapping - Case Study
Week 7: Tools and Techniques: Creativity in Strategic Decision Making 
36 Creativity in Decision Making 
37 Improving Creative Thinking 
38 Strategy Development - Brainstorming the Future 
39 Blue Ocean Strategy Part I 
40 Blue Ocean Strategy Part II
41 Evaluating Strategic Opportunities
Week 8: Tools and Techniques: Building an Effective Strategic Plan
42 Setting Strategic Goals and Scaling the Business
43 Building the Strategic Plan
44 Strategic Planning Case Study I 
45 Strategic Planning Case Study II
46 Strategy Implementation and Your Role 

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