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Strategic Leadership Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Lecture Faculty: Robert Wiseman, PhD
Facilitating Faculty: Margaret Hughes-Morgan, PhD
Week 1: Creating Unique Value
1 Value Creation – Madonna and Bob Dylan
2 Myths and Realities of Mission Statements
3 Firm Performance and Profitability A
4 Firm Performance and Profitability B
5 Ethics, Self Interest and Economic Rents
Week 2: Restoring Value Creation and Value Capture
6 Sustaining Advantage and Appropriating Rents
7 Value Chain vs. Consumption Chain
8 Who Captures the Most Value
9 Starbucks Case Intro
10 Starbucks Case Debrief
Week 3: Strategic Value Propositions
11 Business Strategies
12 Lowest Cost Provider of Value
13 Providing Different Value
14 Ducati Case Intro
15 Ducati Case Debrief
Week 4: Market Structure
20 Market Structure Components and General Environment
21 Threat of Substitutes and Complementary Products
22 Market Structure – Pharmaceutical Industry
19 Apple Case Intro
20 Apple Case Debrief
Week 5: Market Transitions
21 Dynamics Industry Emergence
22 From Emergence to Maturity
23 Decline and Resurgence
24 Ryanair Case Intro
25 Ryanair Case Debrief
Week 6: Responding to Disruptive Events
26 Industry Disruptions
27 Industry Transitions
28 Business Models Part I
29 Business Models Part II
30 Pandora Radio Case Intro
31 Pandora Radio Case Part 1 Debrief
Week 7: Rivalry
32 Industry Rivalry
33 Expanding the Economic Pie
34 Role of Strategic Groups
35 Know Your Enemy
36 Coke v Pepsi Case Intro
37 Coke v Pepsi Case Debrief
Week 8: Going Global
38 Introduction to International Strategy
39 What Makes a Global Business Unique
40 Walmart Enters Germany
41 Entering Foreign Markets
42 Opportunity vs. Risk – When Markets Fail
43 Role of Business Groups
44 Managing a Multi-National Corporation

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