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Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management Courses

Complete the courses below and earn your professional certificate. Each course is eight weeks in duration; however, you have the ability to complete each course around your schedule and timeframe. Chat or call 855-300-1310 now to speak with an enrollment representative. Register online if you’re ready to get started now.

Take 2 Required Courses

Human Resource Management

Learn how to recognize talent, reward top performing individuals and teams, and find employees who will positively impact your company’s growth and competitive position. This course will teach you how to align workforce management with the overall strategic goals of the business and how to navigate the challenges that can arise during that process.  

Workforce Management and Development

Explore the connection between workforce management and company success and discover how to leverage HR processes and planning to benefit your company and your career. This course focuses on best practices for identifying and retaining employees, fostering internal talents, encouraging innovation and identifying advancement potential.