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Professional Certificate in Global Management

Professional Certificate in Global Management

Global strategy needs to permeate the fabric of the organization across all departments and functional levels. To successfully implement and execute a global strategy, managers across the organization not only need the ability to identify and leverage their company’s competitive advantages, but also the ability to build and manage business relationships across cultures. Earn your Professional Certificate in Global Management to explore how processes, people, culture and organizational structure work together to create a winning strategy in the competitive global economy.

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Throughout each online course in this Global Management program, you’ll be taught by MSU’s world-renowned faculty, who bring a wealth of real-world international business knowledge and experience. You’ll also apply data and international business information using globalEDGE™, the expansive research tool created by MSU’s International Business Center that has helped over 12,000 U.S. businesses thrive in the global marketplace.

You’ll take two required eight-week courses in succession - Global Business Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management - and earn 7 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). In this professional development series, each course builds upon the last, giving you the skills and knowledge to:

  • Identify what aspects of strategy should be globalized – with a focus on the five global strategy levers
  • Analyze your firm’s strategic position in the global marketplace
  • Successfully apply leadership, team management and interpersonal styles in a global cultural context
  • Develop successful international relationships using cultural adaptation techniques

Earn Your Professional Certificate in Global Management

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C-suite individuals, business unit managers and individuals, government employees, and front-line service employees who need to have an understanding of global strategy, and how to effectively implement and execute across the corporate, business unit and functional levels.