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Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management - Strategic Negotiation

Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management - Strategic Negotiation

As technology, communication, supply costs and the economic environment continuously change, supply chains grow longer and more complex. As a result, purchasing managers must be agile, more informed and capable of developing proactive supply management strategies that align with an organization’s competitive objectives. Prepare to meet the challenge with the insight, tools and techniques you’ll gain in this professional development series.

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Offered 100% online by Michigan State University – ranked #1 in Supply Chain Management for both undergraduate and graduate programs by U.S. News & World Report – this program examines the critical role supply base management plays in the success and competitive positioning of an organization. It reveals the “how” and “why” of rethinking and evolving your current sourcing and supply base strategies. Discover the most effective methods for evaluating and negotiating with suppliers, and creating sustainable competitive advantage for your organization and across the supply chain.

Taught by MSU’s expert master’s level faculty, this online certificate program consists of three required eight-week courses: Strategic Supply Management, Strategic Negotiation and Supply Base Management. These courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Align your supply management strategy with the firm’s overall competitive strategy.
  • Create and foster supplier relationships that support your overall strategy.
  • Master negotiating techniques for cross-cultural, team and multi-party situations.
  • Evaluate existing and potential suppliers using an effective assessment system.
  • Establish supplier pricing models and explore cost reduction models.
  • Leverage the 10-point planning guide for successful negotiations.
  • Optimize your supply base considering your desired number and profile of suppliers.

Those who successfully complete the track will earn 10.5 Continuing Education units (CEUs) and receive a total of four certificates – three program certificates and a Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management.

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This program particularly benefits mid- to senior-level professionals in purchasing, sourcing and supply management roles or those aspiring to reach those management levels. This Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management is open to anyone interested in realigning their current sourcing and supply base strategies and those looking for multi-disciplinary negotiation skills they can apply in sourcing-specific responsibilities as well as across the supply chain.