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Distribution Fulfillment Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Lecture Faculty: M. Bixby Cooper, PhD
Facilitating Faculty: M. Bixby Cooper, PhD
Week 1: Role of Distribution Channel Structure and Function
1 Course Introduction: Marketing Strategy
2 Course Introduction: Positioning
3 The Rationale for Distribution Channels: Gaps & Transactions
4 Channel Design Framework
5 Segmentation for Distribution Fulfillment: Service Output Demand
6 Segmentation for Distribution Fulfillment: End-User Requirements
7 Segmentation for Distribution Fulfillment: Applying the Channel Design Process
Week 2 Supply Side Analysis and Distribution Channel Participants
8 Supply Side Chanel Analysis: Flows
9 Introduction to Wholesaling
10 Value of Wholesaling
11 Introduction to Retailing
12 Retailing Structure
13 Competition in Retailing
14 The Internet and Distribution Fulfillment
15 Distribution Channel Mapping
Week 3: Distribution Channel Selection
16 Distribution Channel Structure and Intensity
17 Dual and Multiple Channels
18 Channel Selection: Product Characteristics
19 Channel Selection Decision Matrix Approach
20 Case: Alternative Distribution at SSI: Part 1
21 Case: Alternative Distribution at SSI: Part 2
Week 4: Evaluating Channels: Cost and Profitability
22 Understanding Cost Analysis
23 Full Costing vs. Segmental Analysis: Cost Classifications
24 Full Costing vs. Segmental Analysis: Contribution Approach
25 Activity Based Costing (ABC)
26 Dream Beauty Case Introduction
27 Dream Beauty Case Analysis
28 Decisions Using Contribution and ABC
Week 5: Evaluating Return on Investment
29 Understanding the Balance Sheet
30 Strategic Profit Model: Part 1
31 Strategic Profit Model: Part 2
32 Strategic Profit Model Analysis: Evaluating Performance and Competitive Analysis
33 Strategic Profit Model Analysis: Employee Motivation
34 Strategic Profit Model Analysis: Evaluating Alternatives
35 Benchmarking Performance
Week 6: Channel Relationships
36 Distribution Channel Power: Function of Dependence
37 Distribution Channel Power: Sources
38 Distribution Channel Conflict: Types
39 Distribution Channel Conflict: Importance of Trust
40 Distribution Alliances: Relationship Types
41 Distribution Alliances: Success Factors
42 Distribution Alliances: "Superordinate" Goals
Week 7: A Comprehensive Case
43 Vertical Integration: Part 1
44 Vertical Integration: Part 2
45 Masterton Carpet Case Introduction
46 Masterton Carpet Case: Look at the Industry and Current Situation
47 Masterton Carpet Case: Financial Implications
48 Masterton Carpet Case: Retail vs. Wholesale Decision
49 Masterton Carpet Case: The Lessons Learned
Week 8: Franchising, Channel Policies and the Law
50 Franchising: Part 1
51 Franchising: Part 2
52 Channels for Services
53 Channel Policies and the Law: Legal Environment and Major Legislation
54 Channel Policies and the Law: Recurring Issue of Pricing Policy
55 Channel Policies and the Law: Product Line and Selection and Termination
56 Distribution Fulfillment: Final Thoughts