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Manufacturing Planning & Control Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Lecture Faculty: Srinivas Talluri, PhD
Facilitating Faculty: Srinivas Talluri, PhD
Week 1: Introduction to MPC and Forecasting
1 Introduction to Manufacturing Planning and Control
2 Introduction to Forecasting - Time Series and Causal
3 Characteristics of Forecasts
4 Forecasting Methods
5 Forecasting Error Measures
6 Causal Forecasting - Westwood
7 Westwood Regression Analysis
8 Causal Forecasting - Zarthan
Week 2 Causal, Static, and Adaptive Forecasting
9 Zarthan Regression Analysis
10 Keys to Causal Forecasting
11 Introduction to Static and Adaptive Forecasting
12 Moving Average Method
13 Characteristics of Moving Average
14 Exponential Smoothing Method
15 Characteristics of Exponential Smoothing Method
16 Comparison of Moving Average and Exponential Smoothing
Week 3: Forecasting and Aggregate Production Planning
17 Holt's Method
18 Holt's Method Computations
19 Static Forecasting - Trend Analysis
20 Keys to Static and Adaptive Forecasting
21 Introduction to Aggregate Planning
22 Manufacturing Strategies
23 Tradeoffs in Aggregate Planning and Optimization Models
24 Aggregate Planning - Red Tomato Tools
Week 4: Aggregate Planning and Cycle Inventory
25 Formulating Aggregate Production Models
26 Variations in Model Formulation
27 Solving Aggregate Production Model
28 Aggregate Planning and Pricing/Promotion Decisions
29 Scenario Analysis/Keys to Aggregate Planning
30 Introduction to Cycle Inventory
31 Role of Cycle Inventory in Supply Chains
32 Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
Week 5: Cycle and Safety Inventory
33 EOQ Model Development/Solution
34 Lot-Sizing with Multiple Products
35 Lot-Sizing with Multiple Products Solution and Analysis
36 Lessons from Aggregation/ Keys to Cycle Inventory Management
37 Introduction to Safety Inventory
38 Role of Safety Inventory in Supply Chains
39 Continuous Review Policy (CRP)
Week 6: Safety Inventory and Network Design in Supply Chains
40 Periodic Review Policy (PRP)
41 PRP-Safety Stock Evaluations
42 Impact of Supply Uncertainty
43 Inventory Pooling
44 Safety Inventory Management at Grainger
45 Keys to Safety Inventory Management
46 Introduction to Network Design in Supply Chains
Week 7: Network Design and Material Requirement Planning & ERP Systems
47 TRM Model Development
48 TRM Solution Procedure
49 Transshipment Model (TRSM)
50 TRSM Model Development (Thomas Transshipment Model)
51 TRSM Model Solution Procedure
52 Extension to SCM Design
53 Keys to Network Design in Supply Chains
Week 8: Material Requirement Planning & ERP Systems
54 Independent and Dependent Demand Items
55 Master Production Scheduling
56 MRP- Inputs, Outputs, Reports
57 MRP Table Definitions
58 MRP Evaluations
59 Closed Loop MRP Systems and MRP II
60 Introduction to ERP Systems