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Strategic Negotiation Syllabus

Lecture #
Lecture Faculty: Don Conlon, PhD
Facilitating Faculty: Jennifer Dunn, PhD
Week 1: Essential Negotiation Concepts
1 Introduction and Overview of the Program
2 The Book Contract Negotiation
3 Book Contract Negotiation Debrief
4 The Prominence Quiz
5 How to Evaluate Success
6 Negotiation Anecdotes
Week 2: Distributive Negotiations
7 The Importance of Planning Part 1
8 The Importance of Planning Part 2
9 The Importance of Planning Part 3
10 Distributive Negotiation Strategies
Week 3: Negotiator Tactics and Thinking Patterns
11 Distributive Bargaining and Dirty Tricks Part 1
12 Distributive Bargaining and Dirty Tricks Part 2
13 Buying a House Negotiation
14 Buying a House Negotiation Debrief
15 Bullard Houses Negotiation
16 Bullard Houses Negotiation Debrief
17 Light Distributive Tactics in Action (From Dateline)
18 Negotiator Thinking Patterns
Week 4: Integrative Negotiations
19 Mountain Pinnacle Negotiation
20 Mountain Pinnacle Negotiation Debrief
21 Integrative Negotiation Techniques
22 Strategies for Inventing Options
Week 5: Using Personal Traits to Your Advantage
23 Negotiation
24 Negotiation Debrief
25 Personality in Negotiations
26 An Example of Personality-Negotiation Fit
27 Experience and Gender in Negotiations
Week 6: Teams and Cross-Cultural Negotiations
28 Negotiations and Teams: El-Tek Negotiation Intro
29 El-Tek Negotiation Debrief
30 Intragroup Conflict: An Example of Intense Workgroups
31 Cross-Cultural Negotiation Challenges
32 Hofstede's Model of International Culture
Week 7: Multi-Party Negotiations
33 Final Offer Documentary Debrief
34 Coalitions and HarborCo Negotiation
35 HarborCo Debrief and Managing Multi-Party Negotiations
Week 8: Managing Conflicts and Resolving Disputes
36 Managing Bad News: Pay Cuts
37 Managing Bad News: Layoffs, Justice and Victim Behaviors
38 Third-Party Roles
39 Organizing the Eight Procedures
40 Distributive, Procedural and Interpersonal Justice
41 Pacific Oil Case Analysis