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Supply Base Management

Supply Base Management

Create Long-Term Value With a Systematic, Dynamic Approach to Supply Base Management!

When it comes to supply base management, one size does not fit all. If you’re not actively evaluating your suppliers, monitoring costs and metrics, expanding your supplier network, and vetting potential new opportunities and sources, you’re not creating the kind of sustainable competitive advantage that benefits your organization and your career.

Supply Base Management

Develop the skills to continually optimize your supply base and confidently alter your strategies as your needs evolve. Discover how to foster collaborative supplier relationships and effectively manage supply risks with this comprehensive course.

What You’ll Learn

Supply Base Design and Management

  • Which supply base design best suit your needs
  • How to identify, evaluate and enhance the performance of suppliers
  • Ways to compare existing suppliers to potential suppliers
  • The characteristics of effective assessment systems
  • Ways to create resiliency and market responsiveness for your organization

Supplier Selection

  • Best practices for locating and vetting potential suppliers
  • How to link sourcing strategy to selection criteria
  • What site visits and financial analysis can tell you about suppliers
  • Why the right mix of suppliers opens the door to innovation

Supply Base Optimization

  • How supply base optimization creates sustainable competitive advantage
  • Different approaches and real-world examples of supply base optimization
  • How to establish a supply base profile

Supplier Development and Relationship Management

  • Reactive vs. proactive approaches
  • How to determine the right type of relationship – portfolio approach
  • Keys to collaborative supplier relationships
  • How to improve supplier contributions and performance

Cost Management and Cost Modeling

  • Ways to work with suppliers to drive the lowest cost solution
  • Cost terminology and cost classification
  • Supplier pricing and basic cost models
  • Cost reduction and cost avoidance
  • Ways to manage changes in your cost structure
  • The strategic profit model
  • Total cost of ownership/life cycle cost models
  • Targeting cost and early supplier involvement

Supply Risk Management

  • Which factors contribute to supply risk
  • What to do about supply disruption
  • How to manage cost/price volatility
  • Ways to create supply chain security
  • How to address sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Who Should Register?

Supply Base Management is ideal for procurement and sourcing professionals looking for new and innovative ways to positively impact every aspect of the supply base. It is open to anyone who wants to improve supplier relationships, optimize supply base design, and add resiliency and speed to market as competitive advantages. It is a required course for completing the Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management.