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Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management Courses

Complete the courses below and earn your master certificate. Each course is eight weeks in duration; however, you have the ability to complete each course around your schedule and timeframe. Chat or call 855-300-1310 now to speak with an enrollment representative. Register online if you’re ready to get started now.

Take 3 Required Courses

Distribution Fulfillment

Distribution Fulfillment covers the critical topics to help you learn how to develop, implement and manage a market distribution strategy for your logistical operations.  You’ll learn how to identify the interrelationships between "marketing channel structure" and "logistics distribution structure.”

Manufacturing Planning and Control

Discover how to evolve your Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC) system to meet the ever-changing technology, product and market conditions in today’s global marketplace. Gain a thorough understanding of MPC key elements. Master a variety of decision-making tools that can help you effectively plan and execute in the workplace.

Strategic Sourcing

Learn how to develop and implement a procurement strategy that aligns with your overall competitive strategy.  Gain the key skills to effectively negotiate, structure your purchasing department, evaluate and select suppliers using an analytical hierarchy process, and manage cost across the entire supply chain.