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Advanced Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Procurement Courses

Complete the courses below and earn your advanced master certificate. Each course is eight weeks in duration; however, you have the ability to complete each course around your schedule and timeframe. Chat or call 855-300-1310 now to speak with an enrollment representative. Register online if you’re ready to get started now.

Take 5 Required Courses

Supply Chain Management I

Gain an integrated view of procurement, operations and logistics management, while also learning how to manage the flow of products from sourcing and acquisition through delivery to every customer.  This eight-week, 100% online course will teach you how each functional area and its processes become one integrated operation to satisfy the needs of your customers.

Supply Chain Management II

This eight week course builds on the fundamentals introduced in Supply Chain Management I , and provides the tools to master integrated supply chain management and determine the best supply chain design for your operations. From the big picture down to the details, you’ll identify the characteristics and objectives of inventory, transportation, warehousing and material handling.

Strategic Sourcing

Learn how to develop and implement a procurement strategy that aligns with your overall competitive strategy.  Gain the key skills to effectively negotiate, structure your purchasing department, evaluate and select suppliers using an analytical hierarchy process, and manage cost across the entire supply chain.

Strategic Supply Management

Identify, evaluate and develop new opportunities, relationships and supply channels for your organization through strategic supply management. Leverage a deeper understanding of the scope, costs, metrics and processes associated with supply management so you can consistently deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Supply Base Management

With a systematic, strategic driven approach to supply base management, you can produce long-lasting value for your company and your customers. Learn to adopt best practices for supplier selection and relationship-building, as well as supply base design, optimization and risk management.