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Strategic Leadership and Management Online Program Faculty

Keith Niblett, MA, MS

Keith Niblett Faculty | Michigan State University Online

Keith Niblett is the Assistant Director of Executive Development Programs within Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business. In this role, he focuses on customized and international programs, including program design, marketing and sales, teaching and support, continuous improvement and strategic geographic and portfolio development. Mr. Niblett's background includes strategy formulation, implementation and resulting development needs for seventy companies worldwide during his tenure at BET, the Industrial Services conglomerate. Working with the construction, oil and gas, hiring, out-sourcing, transport, manufacturing and cleaning industries in the Americas, Europe, Mid East, Australasian and Asian sub continents. He has acquired knowledge in relation to global management and mindset, global business, global business intelligence, entrepreneurship and marketing in overseas geographies. He earned a Master’s degree in Management Studies, and a Master’s degree in Marketing, Marketing Behavior and Marketing Strategy. 

Subject Matter Expert in: