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Strategic Leadership and Management Online Program Faculty

Richard Z. Gooding, PhD


Dr. Richard Gooding specializes in strategic planning and has over 25 years of experience helping executives make better business decisions. He received his BA in Social Science from Michigan State University, his MSW in Social Services Planning and Administration from Western Michigan University and his PhD in Strategic Planning from Michigan State University. Dr. Gooding  has guided many top-management teams in developing and implementing strategic plans that achieve superior performance. Dr. Gooding is a widely recognized expert in strategic planning, organizational design, pricing strategy, managerial decision-making, executive development, and team building. He is a skilled researcher with extensive experience using mass-distributed and targeted surveys, structured interviews, and focus groups. His distinctive scientific approach to mailed surveys consistently achieves a 30-to-50-percent response rate. He has designed and conducted customer and employee satisfaction surveys for many of his clients.

Subject Matter Expert in: