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Supply Chain Management Online Program Faculty

Tomas Hult, PhD


Dr. Tomas Hult is the Byington Endowed Chair, Professor of International Business, and Director of the International Business Center in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. Dr. Hult is also the Executive Director of the Academy of International Business, with members in some 90 countries; President of the AIB Foundation and board member of the Sheth Foundation. He serves on the U.S. District Export Council and has organized teams that have helped some 12,000 firms in the U.S. expand internationally since 2006.

Dr. Tomas Hult is one of the world's leading authorities on global strategy. He particularly specializes in topics dealing with the intersection of international business and supply chain management. Some of his recent books include: Global Supply Chain Management (2014) with David Closs and David Frayer (published by McGraw Hill Professional) and Total Global Strategy (2012) with George Yip (published by Pearson Prentice Hall). In research, Hult consistently ranks at the very top in international business and supply chain management. For his research work, he has been recognized with election as a Fellow of the Academy of International Business (one of only 83 scholars in the world bestowed with this honor, and the only one focused on supply chain management).

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