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For-Credit Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management and Development Course Descriptions



MGT 810 Human Resource Management for General Managers

Identify the human resource management functions all managers perform as you explore human resource activity design, administration and evaluation. You’ll also review needs assessment, program implementation and evaluation, information management and decision support, and international human resource management.

MGT 801 Analyzing Your Organization

Analyze how your organization manages people, group processes and organizational design. You’ll have the opportunity to review various aspects of your organization’s processes related to the management of people and suggest a plan to improve process effectiveness related to motivation, diversity, leadership, group performance and culture.



MGT 817 Managing the Learning Organization

Learn how to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities within an organization. This enables you to match future employee skill needs with appropriate learning strategies as well as link employee knowledge, skills and abilities with overall organizational strategies.

MGT 811 Fundamentals of Human Resource Staffing 

Learn the fundamentals of human resource staffing including legal issues; measurement, reliability, and validity; job analysis; performance assessment and recruitment.

MGT 822 Developing Reward and Compensation Systems

Learn how to apply compensation principles to organizational objectives and strategically use compensation systems to attract, motivate and retain employees. You’ll also discover the managerial aspects of paying employees at all organizational levels.

MGT 818 Talent Management and Development

How do you manage human resources to realize an organization’s goals and mission? Learn strategies for employee recruitment and development, performance management, succession planning and retention, career management and leadership development.