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For-Credit Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Managing Teams

Leadership and Managing Teams
Leadership and Managing Teams

Develop Your Leadership Style and Drive High Performance Teams

Today’s top companies are made of high performing teams that can effectively work together to achieve organizational objectives. Even organizations that have the most talented individuals with the highest potential need the right leadership in place to bring those individuals together. MSU’s Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Managing Teams helps you recognize and leverage the relationship between leader behavior, employee motivation and behavior, and your organization’s bottom line and productivity. Gain the skills and knowledge you need to improve performance through this graduate certificate consisting of only five courses (9 credits). All five courses are included in MSU’s Master of Science in Management, Strategy and Leadership, so the credits you earn can be applied toward a master’s degree if you decide to purse your education further.

This program was designed specifically for hard-working professionals willing to roll up their sleeves with their teammates to move business forward. The curriculum incorporates applicable concepts and strategies for negotiations, communications and designing an organizational structure that works for you. It provides methods to help you develop your own leadership style, as well as techniques for promoting an ethical workplace. This curriculum was designed by some of the top researchers in management. So much of what you’ll be learning is based on timely and relevant research findings. In fact, the Broad College Management Department faculty members have been recognized for more than six years as the most productive researchers in top management journals.

Graduate Certificates Designed for You Now Exclusively Online

This graduate certificate, offered exclusively online, was designed specifically for self-directed professionals like you looking to improve their leadership competencies. This credential leverages the convenience of anytime, anywhere interactive, video-based e-learning, opening doors to career advancement and leadership opportunities, while fitting into the constraints of your busy schedule. Breaking the mold of traditional online graduate courses, 5-week courses allow you to gain more skills and knowledge within an accelerated schedule. The length of time it takes to complete the graduate certificate is dependent on course availability.

What You’ll Learn

  • Develop and improve your personal approach to leadership, considering implications of trait, behavior, contingency and path-goal models
  • The strengths and weaknesses of various organization structures, and how a company’s life cycle drives organization design
  • How to establish an enriched, fair work environment for your team to drive performance and motivation
  • Techniques for effectively leading and motivating people based on theory, research and best practices
  • Ways to gain support for ideas, encourage team members to meet objectives and overcome obstacles using different negotiation tactics
  • Practical approaches to promoting ethics in the workplace based on best practices and real-world examples

Who Should Enroll?

The For-Credit Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Managing Teams is designed for professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree and have at least three years of full time managerial experience in a supervisory role. Ideal candidates will have earned a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA.

This program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals from a variety of fields and backgrounds, including aspiring and current managers, consultants and organizational leaders across position levels.