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For-Credit Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Managing Teams Course Descriptions


MGT 824 Developing Managerial Skills

Learn how to manage people, group processes and organizational design. Theories and research are applied to developing managerial skills in motivation and leadership, with an understanding of diversity, organizational culture and structure.

MGT 801 Analyzing Your Organization

Analyze how your organization manages people, group processes and organizational design. You’ll have the opportunity to review various aspects of your organization’s processes related to the management of people and suggest a plan to improve process effectiveness related to motivation, diversity, leadership, group performance and culture.


MGT 881 Creating an Ethical Organization

Review factors that enhance and diminish ethical behavior in an organization, including the ethical dimensions of decision making, the nature of business ethics and the difference between ethical and legal behavior.

MGT 840 Leadership and Team Management

Develop your leadership and team development abilities through evidence-based management, readings and laboratory application.

MGT 814 Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Explore how organizations can benefit from differences in ethnicity, age, tenure, education and more. You’ll also discover some of the challenges that may arise and learn techniques to manage conflict.

MGT 863 Negotiations

Learn negotiation strategy, negotiation preparation, buyer-supplier relationship assessment, international negotiations and negotiation simulation.