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Graduate Courses

MGT 804 International Management

This course is focused on gaining knowledge of how a multinational corporation competes successfully in the marketplace...

MGT 811 Fundamentals of Human Resource Staffing

Scientific, legal, and administrative issues in talent acquisition, placement, and promotion.

MGT 817 Managing the Learning Organization

Learn how to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities within an organization. This enables you to match future employee skill...

MGT 822 Developing Reward and Compensation Systems

Learn how to apply compensation principles to organizational objectives and strategically use compensation systems to attract...

MGT 824 Developing Managerial Skills

Learn how to manage people, group processes, and organizational design. Theories and research are applied to developing managerial skills...

MGT 840 Leadership and Team Management

Develop your leadership and team development abilities through evidence-based management, readings, and laboratory application.

MGT 856 Corporate Strategy

Discover the management strategy behind multi-business firms, conglomerates, and business groups...

MGT 863 Negotiations

This course will cover important topics regarding strategic negotiations, negotiation preparation, buyer-supplier relationship assessment...

Strategic Decision Making Graduate Course

Develop and refine your strategic decision-making skills as an individual and in working with a management team.

MGT 881 Creating an Ethical Organization

Ethical awareness and sound judgment are essential for individual success and organizational effectiveness...

SCM 870 Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Integrated view of procurement, operations, and logistics management. Management of the flow of products from raw material sourcing...