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MS Supply Chain Management Course Descriptions

SCM 870 Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Develop an integrated view of procurement, operations and logistics management. Gain a thorough understanding of the management of the flow of products from raw material sourcing and acquisition through delivery to the final user.

SCM 881 Global Supply Chain Management

Learn to explain the worldwide infrastructure for supply chains. Discover the requirements for global operations and strategy development, and understand how globalization drivers can facilitate or hinder global supply chain management.

SCM 872 Distribution Fulfillment

Learn how to manage a firm’s value creation process from product development through order receipt and delivery to consumer. Explore alternative approaches to developing customer value and the role of the demand and supply chain in providing it.

SCM 871 Applied Data Analysis

Learn quantitative and statistical methods for decision making. Understand hypothesis testing, regression and correlation analysis, forecasting, linear programming, decision analysis and project management.

COM 874 Communication in Supply Chain Management

Develop effective interpersonal communication skills. Build competencies for better oral communication in business settings. Learn to use the appropriate technology for management presentations.

SCM 875 Manufacturing Planning and Control

Examine the planning and control functions required to match supply and demand in a manufacturing firm. Learn the tools and methods for planning production and the role of information systems in planning and control.

MGT 875 Change Management

Discover the role and process of organizational change management. Recognize types of change, know how to identify the need for change, and understand the change management process.

SCM 886 Strategic Sourcing

Understand the fundamentals of strategic sourcing and supply chain management. Explore the integration and coordination of product innovation, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and logistics for global competitiveness. Gain insights into issues related to procurement strategy.

SCM 874 Total Quality Management and Lean Enterprise

Learn total quality management principles, practices and techniques. Explore the implementation of quality improvement programs. Understand the relationship of TQM to manufacturing and competitive strategies.

SCM 876 Logistics Operations Methods and Systems

This course will expose students to ideas pertaining to supply chain integration, strategic sourcing, relational norms in buyer-supplier relationships and strategic agility in supply chains. It will also look at integrative supply management practices and their role in achieving strategic agility and innovation. The course will draw on lecture presentations, cases and discussions of student firm’s experiences in the light of the concepts presented.

SCM 883 Technology and Product Innovation Management

Microanalysis of logistics and transportation services: customer service and order fulfillment, distribution operations, purchasing or operation of transportation services, 3PL providers and network design.

SCM 882 Field Study/Research Project

This part of the curriculum involves the practical application of course material to a problem or situation in the student’s organization.

SCM 848 Analysis of Supply Markets and Supplies

Methods for supply market analysis to support sourcing strategy development, contract negotiations and cost management initiatives. Analysis of supply market conditions.

SCM 879 Strategy and Applications

Explore the analysis and solution of SCM cases and simulations. Build teamwork, communication and job skills. Manage situations involving purchasing, manufacturing, logistics and transportation as an integrated supply chain.