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Getting Your Staff to Think Like the Owner

By Bisk
Getting Your Staff to Think Like the Owner

Restaurant professionals are often tapped for advancement because someone higher up recognized an important trait: they think like owners. Thinking like an owner is essential for leadership success. However, if your staff doesn’t share that view, your team – and your performance – will falter.

Building a great team means creating more leaders, not followers, and grooming a great team of leaders means getting your staff to think like the owner.

Advantages of Staff Who Think Like Owners

When staff members think like owners they are more engaged and bring more enjoyment to their work. With a staff of leaders-in-the making, operations will run more smoothly. Not only will guests notice, but your supervisor will, too. A culture of engagement brings a number of other advantages:

In the competitive restaurant industry, each of these advantages can contribute to a stronger bottom line which means a top-performing location.

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How to Get Your Staff to Think Like Owners

Just how do you make staff members think like an owner? It begins by helping employees actually feel more like owners. Raise expectations of their performance and attitudes. This lets employees know you believe in them and have confidence they can meet your higher demands. Share your vision so they know where the company is going and highlight how they can be a part of it. Provide a plan so they know how they can help achieve the goals.

Whether they are bussing tables, cooking or serving, ensure that each staff member knows the company’s mission and the importance of their individual and team roles.

Here are some additional ways to engage employees:

  • Seek their opinions and ideas on operations, guest service, cutting costs and problems they see in their daily activities
  • Demonstrate that you care about them as people, learning about their interests, families and pets, though avoid being too personal or intrusive
  • Teach what you know so they develop more skills and become more valuable
  • Recognize all achievements and efforts – not just those that are the most obvious or by employees with direct customer interaction and let all staff members know their efforts are noticed and appreciated
  • Encourage open communication
  • Offer ongoing training and opportunities for advancement

Great leaders are engaged in their teams. In turn, their teams are engaged in their work.

Employees Reflect Their Leadership

For better or worse, a group of employees reflects the qualities of their leader. When you are an engaged and caring leader, you’ll have an engaged and caring staff. When you help your staff to think like the owner, they will perform to their optimum ability and make you look great.

If you’re working to advance your career such as becoming a regional manager, you need to continuously refine your leadership skills. Getting your team to think like an owner is an essential skill that every restaurant manager can learn – and should practice. Just follow these tips and you’ll be on your way.

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