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Hospitality Management Program with Dr. Ronald Cichy

By Bisk


Michigan State University, my alma mater, is focused on creating knowledge and transforming lives. In our World Grant University College and School, we proudly say, "Spartans Will." Spartans will know. Spartans will do. Spartans will become leaders.

Recognized as the top ranked hospitality business school, which attracts the brightest and best, The School has a unique industry specific position within Michigan State University's Broad College of Business. Celebrating our 85th year in 2012, The School has almost 10,000 graduates worldwide including a number of leading academicians and industry executives who have earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Founded in 1927 as a Hotel Training Course, The School offers an exceptionally well-crafted curriculum taught by innovative professors who are experts and leading text book authors, sought after consultants, and respected researchers. It is my colleagues, these professors who are delivering this course for you.

The mission of The School is to inspire continuous learning by empowering present and future managers to acquire knowledge, skills, and global hospitality business leadership positions. Notice how the first part of our mission talks about future managers, you.

Our mission goes on to create knowledge by engaging in collaborative theoretical and applied research for the benefit of undergraduate and graduate students, online students, hospitality businesses, and the community of hospitality management scholars.

The third component of our mission, which is our purpose, is to engage our hospitality business partners through outreach and service and to enhance global hospitality business, economic, community, and academic development.

And finally, to continuously improve The School's global leadership position and hospitality business operations, management, real estate and thinking like the owner. The first, the original, and still the leader, The School of Hospitality Business. We are The School!

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