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MSU Student Spotlight – Carlos Jimenez

Sometimes you have to invest in yourself if you want to move up the ladder in your organization.

Carlos - Testimonial Headshot

Michigan State University Online student Carlos Jimenez said working with professionals at MSU has helped him to understand the intracy of today's hospitality management industry. Jimenez received his Masters Certificate in Management of Business in Hospitality in March of 2014. 

Tell us about your experience before registering in your certificate program?

Before I registered for the program, I was bit worried about online certifications. In the past I heard bad comments about how it is not the same as being in a classroom with one-on-one interaction with a professor. I did my research here in Canada and various USA schools, and the MSU program was a very complete and focused in the area where I wanted to gain experience. 

What made you choose to enroll in Michigan State University’s certificate program?

The program was very detailed and focused on the hospitality and service industry. My program representative, Sean Rogers, gave me a call and was very personal. He explained everything to me and gave me a lot of confidence to enroll in the program.

Were you able to apply what you learned immediately?

Yes! Sean Rodgers made everything easy for me, even for the payment options. It was easy to enroll. 

What was your most valuable takeaway from the program?

I would say gaining a lot of knowledge and feedback from professionals in the industry with a lot of cases and group discussions, which definitely helped to understand a lot of what’s happening today in the industry where I work. 

What advice would you give to others who are considering enrolling in the program?

Just do it! Sometimes you have to invest in yourself to move up the ladder in your organization. This program is great for professionals. You could do it on your own terms and schedule.

Do you see yourself taking additional courses or programs, and if so, what are your areas of interest?

Yes! I will keep gaining credentials and knowledge in the area of hospitality.

What made MSU’s online certificate program the best fit for you?

The flexibility for professionals who are currently working, the content of the material is great and also you have a once-a-week group discussion which actually is recorded if you can’t attend.

How has completing the certificate helped you in your career?

A lot since then I received better opportunities within my organization.

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