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Pamela Tassinari: MSU Master Certificate Led to Immediate Promotion

Finding an accredited program available online in Italy was essential.

Pamela - Testimonial Headshot

Like many busy professionals, Pamela Tassinari struggled to find the right balance between work, family life and seeking additional education that might enhance her career.

So, like any diligent professional, Tassinari researched universities and online programs available in Italy where she lives. One vital requirement was the university be accredited and possess a highly regarded academic reputation.

“There was a lot of positive feedback about Michigan State University academics, plus my company also recognized it as a good university,” she said.

In early 2014, Tassinari enrolled in the MSU’s online Master Certificate in Business Leadership and Management program offered through Bisk.

“The courses that are offered through Bisk are all accredited and the preparation they give is well worthwhile, as you can apply it to the real, professional world,” Tassinari said.

Positive results came quickly after completing the program. She received an immediate promotion and her manager is looking to give her added responsibilities, she said.

She found concepts from the courses such as strategy, calculating probability when facing complex situations and taking an analytical approach immediately applied to her work.

“The professors are great, well prepared, and the classes are well structured, focused on the educational purposes, easy to follow and listen to from any location with any tool, including smartphone and tablets,” she said.

Tassinari spoke with us about her experience with MSU and Bisk.

Q. What made you choose to enroll in Michigan State University’s certificate program?

When I was looking for a suitable university program to improve my skills and to improve my career, I was confused about what university to choose, and it’s not easy to find the right course and an accredited university for the course.

I did web research and there was a lot of positive feedback about Michigan State University academics, plus my company also recognized it as a good university. When I decided to contact the university, the Bisk consultant was immediately very proactive and helped me in choosing the right courses for my career needs, so I was very pleased to join Michigan State University.

Q. Were you able to apply what you learned immediately? If so, how?

Yes, I have applied immediately what I learned, especially some important concepts highlighted in the courses such as strategy, the analytical approach, and the calculation of the probability in analyzing complex work situations.

Q. What was your most valuable takeaway from the program?

The most valuable takeaway from the program has been the acquisition of the knowledge and awareness of what I was already experiencing during my work.

Q. How has completing this certificate helped you in your career?

I immediately got a promotion and the manager is looking at giving more responsibility to me in appreciation of such intellectual growth. 

Q. Anything else you’d like to share with us about your experience?

My experience with Michigan State University through Bisk has been so positive that I invite everyone to join the courses for high-standard academic achievement in a pleasurable way of learning and practicing the theory.

Thank you to Bisk. I shall definitively carry on following your suggestions that are leading me toward a great international career.

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