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Blended Courses for Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

MSU’s blended courses combine face-to-face, on-campus sessions with online instruction.

By Bisk
Blended Courses for Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management professionals can take advantage of a unique opportunity to advance their supply chain knowledge, gain in-demand skills and prepare for new career challenges with the blended courses available through Michigan State University’s newly redesigned Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program.

Geared toward working professionals, this program offers the cutting-edge curriculum needed to compete in today’s environment in an online blended format.

Two Supply Chain Management Specialty Tracks

MSU’s blended courses combine face-to-face, on-campus sessions with online instruction. Students can choose between two supply chain management tracks: Integrated Supply Chain and Value Chain Creation. Each offers a comprehensive understanding of supply chain management and enables students to earn a master’s degree in as little as two years, with as few as 12 days on campus. 

  • Integrated Supply Chain: This track provides an intensive supply chain education with a focus on an integrated mastery of operations, procurement and logistics. Students learn from top-ranked faculty and spend just 12 days on campus.
  • Value Chain Creation: Students learn value chain creation strategies and best practices along with product design and innovation, engineering, packaging, technology, security and safety while spending only 12 on-campus days.

MSU’s supply chain management courses offer a blended learning experience with numerous benefits, including learning at your own pace, developing valuable relationships with MSU faculty and fellow students and career-changing education. 

Blended Learning Designed for Working Supply Chain Professionals

MSU’s online learning model has proven successful for MS in Supply Chain Management students. The program is newly redesigned to meet the needs of today’s students and the supply chain industry, offering more courses delivered through an enhanced online platform and a re-engineered on-campus learning experience at the James B. Henry Center for Executive Development.

The MS in Supply Chain Management program is designed for students who have earned an undergraduate degree with at least a 3.0 overall GPA and a minimum of two years of professional supply chain experience.

What You’ll Learn in MSU’s Blended Courses

Students in either the Integrated Supply Chain track or the Value Chain Creation track will gain a broad overview of supply chain management strategies coupled with intensive study in either of the two specialties. 

Principles students in the Integrated Supply Chain track will learn include:

  • How supply chain management relates to information technology and innovation processes.
  • The latest methods to control the flow of materials, information and services.
  • Ways to drive your organization’s innovation and vision.
  • Supply chain management’s role in enterprise strategy.

In the Value Chain Creation track, students will learn:

  • How to plan for demand.
  • Strategies for adding value across the supply chain.
  • Best practices for order fulfillment and delivery.
  • Reverse logistics.
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