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Supply Chain Management

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Become an Expert With Credentials From the #1 University for Supply Chain Management – 100% Online!

Michigan State is ranked #1 and #2 in Supply Chain Management undergraduate and graduate programs by U.S. News & World Report, which means you’ll be learning from the best in this rapidly growing career field. As Supply Chain Management continues to be one of the most critical business disciplines in the manufacturing and service sectors, the demand for qualified professionals and opportunities for career mobility are increasing. The higher you climb up the corporate ladder, the more you need to be aware of all supply chain functions and how they integrate. Once removed from the concerns of top management, supply chain issues are shared by c-level professionals and top managers, making them equal members of the executive team participating in strategic and operational decisions at the highest level.

Advancing your education and earning credentials proves to employers that you’ve demonstrated competency and knowledge of all levels of the supply chain. Michigan State’s three-course master certificates and five-course advanced master certificate provide the necessary tools and techniques to advance your career in this dynamic, lucrative industry.

Supply Chain Management Master Certificate

Master Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management

Gain a competitive advantage in emerging global markets through the coordination and integration of your company’s logistics, operations, purchasing and market channels. Learn More

Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Dig deep into the foundations of integrated supply chain management and complete your experience with a focus course in Distribution Fulfillment. Learn More

Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Operations

Gain a thorough understanding of the integrated supply chain as a whole, then move into your specific operations focus course, where you’ll master effective manufacturing planning and execution. Learn More

Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Procurement

Build on your knowledge base of the integrated supply chain with the first two eight-week courses, and then complete your experience with an in-depth course in Strategic Sourcing. Learn More

Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management

Customize your experience and curriculum with MSU’s Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management. This certificate allows you to specifically delve into integrated supply chain focused courses so that you can devote your learning experience to each function within the supply chain. Learn More

Advanced Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management

Impact your organization’s performance across the entire supply chain with this advanced master certificate. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the integrated supply chain and how each function integrates to optimize your operations. From the big picture to the details, you’ll master the key components and develop the expertise required at the executive level. Learn More

Strategic Negotiation Course

Maximize your outcomes and build lasting partnerships in a variety of business situations through this eight-week course. Whether you’re a procurement professional negotiating with suppliers or just looking to strengthen your skills sets in intra-organizational, team, multi-party and cross-cultural negotiations, you’ll learn the effective negotiation tactics that are essential in supply chain management. Learn More