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Professional Certificates for Today’s Government Employees – 100% Online

Professional Certificates for Today’s Government Employees – 100% Online

The demand on government agencies to optimize their supply chains, capitalize on synergies and reduce operating costs has never been higher. Effective leadership, change management and negotiation are of paramount importance. To address these issues, government leaders are calling for more targeted training to drive a higher benchmark of knowledge and competence from their employees.

Whether you’re currently working for the government or aspire to, you can get the skills you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Michigan State University offers the most sought-after master certificates for today's government employees and agencies, with comprehensive programs focused on the critical disciplines of Supply Chain Management and Strategic Organizational Management.

Exclusive Savings

Federal government employees now have access, via the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), to special government program pricing. All federal government employees are eligible to save 10% off individual certificate courses and 5% off the specially priced master certificate programs. Access this exclusive pricing by or calling toll free at 855-300-1310.

Earn Credentials While You Work — 100% Online

Learn new skills you can immediately apply to your job, building both a stronger career for yourself and a stronger, more efficient agency for your employer. You can complete your master certificate 100% online, and on your own schedule. Each certificate program includes online streaming video lectures you can access anywhere, 24/7, enabling you to fulfill your responsibilities to work and your family. Connect with instructors and fellow students through chat rooms, discussion boards and email. You can enroll immediately, and at an exclusive savings, with no prerequisite exams. Don't pass up this excellent opportunity for professional growth!

Government Applications for MSU Programs

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management has emerged as one of the most critical functions in the world. As government budgets get cut, organizations in the public sector must increase efficiency and reduce costs. You can help your government agency get leaner by becoming an integrated supply chain management expert with certificate programs in Supply Chain Management.

Government example:

Effective supply chain management is critical to supporting military forces around the world – and one of the military’s major problems is excess inventory that needs to be disposed of. The Government Accounting Office (GAO) found in May 2010 that the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) had substantial amounts of spare parts beyond current needs and projected demand, including an annual average inventory excess of about $1 billion from fiscal year 2006 to 2008. In 2010, the Department of Defense (DOD) submitted to Congress a Logistics Strategic Plan for improving inventory managing practices and reducing excess inventory. This plan is an important step for improving DOD’s inventory management, but the government agency is still in the process of coming up with detailed corrective actions for implementing these necessary supply chain improvements.

Strategic Leadership & Management

For any organization to be successful, that company should have effective leaders across all position levels. Great leaders influence the professionals around them by developing and implementing a shared vision to achieve desired organizational goals. In order for you to be the one everybody wants to follow, you’ll need to gain insight into successful leadership strategies that can be applied in any business. Develop and refine your strategic decision-making skills as an individual and as a team member by earning MSU’s Master Certificate in Strategic Organizational Management.

Government example:

In a report entitled “Stable Leadership and Better Management Needed to Improve Effectiveness,” the Government Accounting Office (GAO) reviewed management problems that the Social Security Administration (SSA) must address to ensure the continued delivery of high-quality service to social security recipients. One of the key problems the GAO found is that the SSA has been unable to correct its financial management problems because of fragmented responsibility and lack of leadership. Corrective action recommended by the GAO included gaining better managerial and technical control over SSA computer operations and modernization efforts. As a result, project control and integration systems were established to ensure measurable, national benchmarks for service quality and timeliness.

Strategic Negotiation

Negotiation skills are critical to professionals throughout both the public and private sector looking to build relationships and partnerships in a variety of situations. Develop a broad spectrum of negotiation and conflict management skills necessary to secure agreements in even the most aggressive environments with MSU’s course in Strategic Negotiation.

Government example:

According to the Federal Construction Contracting Blog, a significant number of bid protests filed at the GAO are the result of inadequate discussions. Recently, the GAO reiterated the importance of holding meaningful discussions that do not mislead outside contractors during negotiated procurements. Talks are held to give contractors who are being considered an opportunity to revise their bids to make them more competitive. The GAO further added that these discussions should be as specific as practical considerations permit, and give contractors a reasonable opportunity to address any potential weaknesses or deficiencies in their proposals. The end result of these discussions is to maximize the best value to the government for these contracting services.