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Strategic Leadership & Mgmt

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Strategic Negotiation

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This Course is part of a Master Certificate Program.
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Negotiate Like a Pro!

Negotiations aren’t limited to sales, contracts or interviews. The ability to negotiate effectively is a foundational skill for professionals of all types in any industry. We negotiate frequently with internal and external customers, vendors, suppliers, employees, department leaders, bosses and more. We negotiate to get support for ideas, to encourage colleagues to meet team objectives, and to initiate and implement change within our organizations. And we use negotiating skills and their counterpart, conflict resolution, to navigate the ups and downs of all kinds of relationships and situations.

In this 100% online course, you’ll strengthen your skill sets in intra-organizational, team, multi-party and cross-cultural negotiations. You’ll learn how to identify negotiation opportunities, address conflicts and gain an understanding of the unique challenges that exist when individuals, groups and organizations face potential or existing conflict. Through participation in negotiation exercises and simulations, you’ll explore a broad spectrum of negotiation strategies, new tactics to solve ongoing differences and models for securing cooperation and agreement in competitive environments.

Who Should Register?

The Strategic Negotiation course is relevant to a wide spectrum of professionals who seek to maximize their outcomes and build partnerships in a variety of business situations. The program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving their negotiation tools and skills. The course is offered as an elective as part of completing a Master Certificate in the Strategic Leadership and Management discipline. It is also available as an add-on for anyone who completes a Master Certificate or Advanced Master Certificate in the Supply Chain Management discipline.

What You’ll Learn

Essential Negotiation Concepts

  • Ways to evaluate success in negotiations
  • How to apply best practices from real-world negotiations
  • The notion of prominence

Distributive Negotiations

  • How to establish the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)
  • Strategies for mastering negotiating techniques face-to-face, by phone and via email
  • How to develop supporting arguments and analyze the other party
  • The 10-point planning guide for any negotiation

Negotiator Tactics and Thinking Patterns

  • Distributive bargaining and avoiding dirty tricks and contentious tactics
  • The power of persuasion
  • Prospect Theory and the Framing Effect
  • How to use common negotiation thinking patterns to your advantage

Integrative Negotiations

  • The Dual Concern Model
  • The dynamics of integrative negotiations and value of integrative agreements
  • What tactics to apply in integrative negotiations

Using Personal Traits to Your Advantage

  • How to identify your personality-negotiation fit
  • What role experience and intuition play
  • How gender differences influence negotiation


  • How to deal with the dynamics of intense workgroups
  • Strategies for dealing with intragroup conflict and team performance
  • How to develop improvement strategies

Cross-Cultural and Multi-Party Negotiations

  • How cultural differences can affect negotiations
  • Strategies for recognizing conflict behaviors in different cultures
  • Dynamics of multi-party negotiations
  • How to use coalitions in negotiations

Managing Conflicts and Resolving Disputes

  • The concept of justice and victim behaviors
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • How third parties factor into negotiations

Strategic Negotiation

Register Online
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This Course is part of a Master Certificate Program.
Click here to learn more and SAVE!