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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs
Certificate Programs

Put the Spartan Tradition to Work for You

Nothing works harder to open doors for you than credentials from U.S. News-ranked Michigan State University. Setting the standard for higher education for over 150 years, MSU now offers online certificate programs that are designed for professionals who want to improve their job performance and marketability by mastering some of today’s most important business disciplines. You will gain the skills, knowledge and credentials necessary to break into or get promoted within a career field that has income and advancement potential, plus the flexibility to transition into competitive industries.



Business Analytics

Data is everywhere. Key performance indicators, sales numbers, workforce rates – as a manager you are flooded by information every hour, minute and second. You frequently use this data to understand and measure what is happening in your business and why it’s happening. With the emerging capabilities of business analytics and big data, you have the opportunity to enhance your view of the world. With the Master Certificate in Business Analytics, you’ll discover how to leverage data from both inside and outside your organization to continue optimizing internal operations today, while creating the revolutionary strategies to safeguard sustainable business success tomorrow.

Supply Chain Management

In today’s complex global business world, an organization’s overall success boils down to the efficiency and effectiveness of its supply chain. Competitive strength relies both on a firm’s products and the processes that provide products to customers. Effective supply chain management (SCM) enhances productivity and performance with the strategic combination of people, systems and technology to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Each online certificate program provides you with tools and techniques from experienced supply chain faculty and explores global trends and contemporary issues affecting, and affected by, supply chain management.

Strategic Leadership and Management

Leadership is no longer limited to the corner office. In a challenging, post-recession era, businesses are expecting more from less, aggressively competing to find the right talent, and trying to place great leaders across all position levels. Be the standout choice to meet their needs with one of MSU’s certificates in strategic leadership and management. Through our Master Certificate and Professional Certificate programs, you will gain deep insight into successful corporate and career-specific strategies, and develop the skills and insight to help you and your company remain competitive. From exploring effective business models and decision-making techniques to matching your leadership talents to overall company success, each online certificate provides you with essential tools to make meaningful, profitable contributions to your field.

Hospitality Management

Today’s $3.5 trillion global hospitality industry has created enormous demand for people with superior hospitality skills and knowledge. More than 14 million jobs are supported by this industry in the U.S. alone! Professionals must be willing to invest in their skills and credentials in order to rise and advance in this dynamic marketplace. Whether you’re seeking a promotion in your current job or looking to advance in a new position, MSU’s Hospitality Programs can help you improve your earning potential, acquire a deeper understanding of how world-class hospitality businesses operate and are managed, and which leadership techniques can improve your job performance.