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Master Certificate in Business Analytics

Master Certificate in Business Analytics

Knowledge is power. And right now there is a knowledge race surfacing among businesses across industries and around the world. With the volume and variety of information increasing and evolving by the minute, there is a need for data-centric professionals across roles, functions and departments in every organization. Big data and business analytics have the capability to transform how you do business now and help you create competitive advantages to ensure success well into the future. But to harness this power, you have to understand data. You need to know how to capture it, structure it, interpret it and apply it in real-world business situations in order to develop effective solutions and game-changing strategies.

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Michigan State University – ranked one of the top 25 U.S. business schools by Forbes – offers a 100% online Master Certificate in Business Analytics providing a fundamental understanding of how to leverage data to improve business performance, immediate decision making and long-term strategy development. Leveraging master’s level content, this program will help you identify the right questions to ask to ensure you are focusing on the issues that matter to the business and avoiding time wasted solving the ones that don’t. You’ll discover how to structure relational databases connecting external data like social media, mobile and geospatial with internal data that may be spread across systems and silos within your organization. Enhancing your current business intelligence with predictive capabilities will not only help you prepare for the future – it will help you model it.  

This certificate program consists of three required eight-week courses. Each builds upon the last to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge base across business, data management and application. You’ll learn to: 

  • Expand your data intelligence and link your expertise to a growing industry
  • Master essential data fundamentals, including understanding today’s analytics landscape, analytics problem identification and structuring, and data privacy and ethical concerns
  • Understand key analytical, modeling, statistical and programming tools
  • Examine the latest trends and demands in the industry, such as how to leverage geographical data from mobile and social media generation, and understanding customer lifetime value
  • Leverage analytics to drive the growth of a company’s value chain, marketing/sales, HR processes and more

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This program benefits professionals in all types of industries who want to understand the wealth of information big data provides and develop the confidence to use business analytics and predictive analysis to make smarter business decisions and drive innovation. The Master Certificate in Business Analytics is designed for: 

  • Business professionals who need to have a better understanding of how to interpret and leverage big data. Many of these professionals are coming from the fields of marketing, finance, human resources, healthcare, retail and supply chain management.
  • Analytics professionals looking to formalize their experience and expand their knowledge in areas such as data management, statistical foundations and business decision making.