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Hospitality Business Management

Hospitality Business Management

Make the Move From Supervisor to Manager. New Skills and Knowledge Lead the Way.

Aspiring managers and recently promoted managers need to develop the requisite skills and competencies to be successful at their job. This comprehensive course provides key management concepts and techniques to help you succeed as a new manager and advance in your hospitality career. You’ll also explore how to increase workplace efficiency and productivity with the end goal of providing a quality experience for your customers.

Hospitality Business Management

This eight-week 100% online course builds on the foundation and knowledge you acquire in Hospitality Business Operations. Topics covered include: identifying and addressing long-term concerns in strategic planning; defining quality and its role in driving the hospitality industry; and building strategies for winning customer experiences.

What You’ll Learn

Values, Vision, Mission, Smarter Goals

  • Impact of an organization’s culture on business operations
  • Significance of an organization’s values, vision and mission in guiding behavior
  • Importance of developing SMARTER goals
  • How to implement balanced score cards and strategic management
  • Steps for establishing quality practices

Managing for Quality

  • Concept of quality in the hospitality industry
  • Importance of quality as a driver of an organization’s corporate culture
  • Planning and implementing world-class service
  • Quality planning and process improvement
  • How to integrate quality service for customers

Financial Statements

  • Major financial statements and their uses
  • Contents of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI)
  • Contents and limitations of a balance sheet
  • Structure of income statements
  • Makeup of hotel operating department schedules

Managerial Accounting

  • Ways to improve performance utilizing financial data, including liquidity ratios and solvency ratios, to identify opportunities and make adjustments
  • How to use profitability ratios to identify which financial data determines your profitability and financial performance
  • Utilization of ratio analysis and cost-value analysis to assess the financial results of your organization
  • The use of market ratios to determine the market share of your organization

Supervision and Management

  • How to evaluate the compatibility of an applicant’s values, vision and mission with the vision, values and mission of the organization
  • Alignment of personal and organizational values, vision, mission and SMARTER goals
  • Tools to set up new employees for success, including effective listening skills
  • Methods to validate training efforts
  • Six steps to effective labor planning, including time management practices

Risk Management

  • Risk management strategies
  • How to perform a risk analysis
  • Policies, controls and communications
  • Property and premises safety
  • Information technology security

Facilities Management

  • Overview of hospitality facilities
  • Facility design and construction
  • Electrical, water supply and waste systems
  • Sustainability on hospitality facilities
  • Safety and security systems


  • How to lead with emotional intelligence
  • Three quality tools of leaders
  • Effective practices of leading yourself
  • How to develop SMART goals
  • Leadership lessons from hospitality mentors

Credit & Tuition

ACE credit recommendation 3 semester hours in the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category. Register today and earn 3.5 CEUs for $1,580.

Who Should Register?

The Hospitality Business Management course is tailored for hospitality professionals currently working in hotels, restaurants and corporate offices, who want to either move into a management position or progress further in their new management role.

Introducing Hospitality Mini-Courses

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