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Strategic Leadership and Management

Strategic Leadership and Management
Strategic Leadership and Management

Develop Strategic Leadership and Management Skills – 100% Online!

With strategy-savvy managers and leaders needed in nearly every type of organization in every sector and industry, now is the time to expand your strategic leadership and management skills. Maximize today’s prime opportunities with credentials from Michigan State University, ranked one of the best colleges in America by U.S. News & World Report and one of the top 25 business schools in the country by Forbes.

Each certificate program features a series of two to three eight-week courses online. You’ll learn from the same cutting edge, top-ranked researchers who teach on MSU’s campus and develop the in-demand skills employers value.



Master Certificate in Business Leadership and Management

Acquire sought-after skills that can help you excel in your current position or advance to a new one. You’ll learn industry-best practices for fostering team creativity, making strategic decisions, improving productivity, and sustaining competitive advantages. Plus, you’ll benefit from the unique insight and knowledge of instructors who are highly experienced in strategy formulation and organizational performance.

Professional Certificate in Change Management

For companies to remain competitive, change is inevitable. So is the need for department leaders, managers, consultants and executives to effectively spearhead change, inspire cooperation among employees, and overcome obstacles to ensure a smooth transition. This online certificate program helps prepare professionals to become change leaders, motivate others to build competitive advantages, and be instrumental in making organizational objectives and visions a reality.

Professional Certificate in Global Management

No longer is the global economy dominated by just a few massive multinational companies. The global marketplace has changed significantly. Businesses of all sizes are implementing new – or changing old – management strategies to compete internationally. This online certificate program provides managers the strategies and skills to leverage a company’s uniqueness and competitive advantages to ensure its long-term economic success.

Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management

Whether you’re a general manager, team leader or human resource professional, gain the skills to leverage one of the most important assets in any business: people. With online courses taught by master’s-level faculty, you’ll discover how proven human resource management (HRM) practices can inspire employee satisfaction, develop workforce talent, and create a unified team that is committed to meeting organizational goals.

Strategic Leadership and Management Courses

MSU’s online certificates feature eight-week courses presented by some of the same faculty who teach on campus. These comprehensive professional development programs use a step-by-step approach, preparing students to excel in today’s most in-demand disciplines.