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Workforce Management and Development

Workforce Management and Development

Align Your Workforce and Management Strategies to Realize Organizational Goals

The successful development of a company’s workforce plays a key role in determining the survival, effectiveness and competitiveness of that company. In this eight-week online course, you’ll explore the connection between workforce management and company success and learn to leverage HR processes to benefit your company and your career.

Workforce Management and Development

This course focuses on best practices for recruiting and retaining employees, fostering internal talents and identifying advancement potential. You’ll learn new ways to positively impact your organization through training, succession planning and leadership development. In addition, this course offers extra value with two career-boosting bonuses. The first is a respected online assessment and resource tool, StrengthsFinder, that helps you realize how strengths impact work performance, career planning, team building and effective interviewing. The second is an exclusive series of Let’s Talk Sessions, featuring interviews with human resource experts from today’s top businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.

What You’ll Learn

Talent Management and Acquisition

  • How to position your organization to recruit ideal candidates
  • Industry-best practices for developing and retaining top talent
  • Ways to evaluate potential employees and identify future leaders
  • Skills for hot-button topics: workforce planning and knowledge management

Performance Management

  • Techniques for managing performance expectations and results
  • How to evaluate employee performance from an organizational perspective
  • Methods for providing meaningful feedback and influencing change
  • Ways to measure and maintain an engaged workforce
  • How to use performance metrics to pinpoint challenges and opportunities

Leadership Development

  • Ways to identify an employee’s potential for advancement
  • Considerations for creating thoughtful succession plans
  • When to put the focus on experience-based development
  • How to prepare a workforce and leaders for global challenges

Strategic Training and Development

  • How to use training initiatives to maximize company results
  • The connection between employee training and employee performance
  • The critical role training plays in Total Quality Management and customer service
  • Economic, environmental and other internal and external influences on training
  • Task analysis and its value in developing a training program
  • Methods for measuring the effectiveness of training

Business Strategy and Training Structure

  • How to conduct a Training Needs Analysis and involve key players in the organization
  • Ways to match training structure to organizational structure
  • Proactive vs. reactive strategic planning and the impact on training
  • How to create a work environment that facilitates transfer of training

Motivation and Performance

  • Factors that influence employee performance and their relevance to training
  • Tactics managers and trainers can use to improve motivation
  • Challenges to successful training and how to overcome them
  • The link between learning theories and training program design

Training Methods and the Impact of Technology

  • Strengths and weaknesses of presentational and hands-on training methods
  • How to develop self-directed learning programs and e-learning programs
  • The benefits of learning management systems, including Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Effective methods for implementing on-the-job training

Defining Training Outcomes and ROI Analysis

  • Business and program reasons for evaluating training
  • Critical steps in a training evaluation process
  • How to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and calculate the ROI of a training program
  • Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Framework for categorizing training outcomes
  • Strengths and weaknesses of different program evaluation designs
  • The importance of choosing an evaluation design based on company goals

Trends and Organizational Change

  • How to identify the major training topics within an organization
  • Ways to outline the training process for team-building training
  • Future trends that are likely to affect organizational training
  • How to position training as an organizational change process

Managing Your Career

  • What it means to be an authentic leader
  • Ways you can leverage your strengths in the workplace
  • How to actively build your personal brand through your communication style and approach
  • How to use your HR management role to become a strategic business partner

Credit & Tuition

ACE credit recommendation 3 semester hours in the lower-division baccalaureate/associate degree category. Register today and earn 3.5 CEUs for $1,980.

Who Should Register?

This course provides critical insights into employee management, development and training, making it beneficial for anyone who manages a team, business unit or organization, as well as individuals seeking to enter or advance in the field of human resources.