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Workforce Mgmt & Dev Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Lecture Faculty: Jonelle Roth, PhD
Facilitating Faculty: Keith Niblett
Week 1: Human Resource Training and Alignment with Strategy
1 Introduction to Human Resource Training
2 Value of Training
3 Linking Training to HRM
4 Open Systems Approach to Training
5 Training Links to Current Issues in HRM
6 Linking Training to Strategy
7 Implementing Learning Strategies
8 Strategy and Training Structure
9 Staffing Strategy for Training
Week 2: Learning Theories, Training Design, and Needs Assessment
10 Theories of Motivation in Training
11 Motivation in Training
12 Individual Differences in Learning
13 Different Types of Intelligences
14 Linking Learning Theories to Training Design
15 Setting the Stage for Training Success
16 Training Needs Analysis Part 1
17 Training Needs Analysis Part 2
18 Task Analysis and Competencies
Week 3: Transfer of Training and Training Methods
19 Transfer of Training
20 Making Training Work in the Workplace
21 Learning Organizations and Knowledge Management
22 Training Methods
23 Teams and Training
24 Training and Technology
Week 4: Training Evaluation and Current & Future Issues in Training
25 Importance of Training Evaluation
26 Training Evaluation Steps
27 Selecting the Proper Evaluation Design
28 Quantifying Value of Training
29 Key Training Topics
30 The Future of Training
Lecture Faculty: Dr. Laura Byars
Week 5: Employee Development & Retention
31 Introduction to Talent Management and Talent Development
32 Talent Management Overview
33 Core Elements of Talent Management
34 Transforming Talent Management to Drive Strategic Alignment
35 Let's Talk With Kari Lawry: Aligning HR With Business Strategy
36 Building Engagement Through Brand
37 Engagement Begins Before Day 1
38 Let's Talk With Shawn Overcast: Working in an Organization With a Strong Brand
39 Employee Engagement: Creating a Great Work Culture
Week 6: Creating Alignment and Talent Identification Methods
40 Using Orientation & On-boarding to Create Alignment
41 Introduction to Aligning Through Performance Management
42 Leaders are Key to Performance Management
43 Let's Talk With Bill Neale: Measuring Organizational Culture to Ensure Alignment & Engagement
44 Talent Identification: What Is It and Why Do It?
45 Key Approaches for Talent Identification
46 Conducting Formal Talent Reviews
47 Succession Planning
Week 7: Talent Identification In Practice and Talent Development Foundation
48 Getting the Organization and Leaders Ready for Talent Identification
49 We Have Identified Top Talent, Now What?
50 Talent Identification in Action
51 Personal Career Development
55 Talent Development: What Is It and Why Do It?
53 Opposing Position: Why Development Often Does Not Happen
54 Development Basics: Identifying Development Needs & Creating a Plan
55 Let’s Talk With Shawn Overcast: Demonstrating Learning Impact
Week 8: Talent Development Techniques and Integrated Talent Management
56 Talent Development Techniques: Overview
57 Focus on Education and Exposure
58 Focus on Experience: What Experiences Matter Most?
59 Focus on Experience: Assignments
60 Talent Development in Action: An Integrated Example
61 Let's Talk With Karyll Shaw: Compare & Contrast Integrated Talent Management Systems
62 Examining the Top Companies for Leaders