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Professional Certificate in Global Management Courses

Complete the courses below and earn your professional certificate. Each course is eight weeks in duration; however, you have the ability to complete each course around your schedule and timeframe. Chat or call 855-300-1310 now to speak with an enrollment representative. Register online if you’re ready to get started now.

Take 2 Required Courses

Global Business Strategy

Learn how to implement, manage and measure a global strategy, using a framework consisting of 13 industry drivers, strategy levers and organization factors. This framework has been studied and applied by a number of multinational companies. You’ll also explore best practices for success and analyze factors impacting global market performance.

Cross Cultural Management

In this course, you’ll learn how to adapt to different business and cultural norms. You’ll utilize the Spony Profiling Model, an in-depth questionnaire/profiling tool that will help you establish an effective and flexible style for working in multi-cultural environments. Leveraging cross-cultural data from close to 40 countries, you’ll apply personal insights you learn to build relationships with people of other cultures, from emerging markets to your home office.