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Supply Chain Management II Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Lecture Faculty: David Closs, PhD
Facilitating Faculty: David Closs, PhD
Week 1: Inventory, Transportation, and Warehousing
1 Supply Chain Management II Introduction
2 Introduction to Inventory
3 Inventory Cycle and Safety Stock
4 Transportation Management, Part 1
5 Transportation Management, Part 2
6 Issues Facing the Transportation Industry
Week 2 Supply Chain Integration
7 Principles of System Integration
8 Interview: End-to-End Integration
9 Supply Chain Integration, Part 1
10 Supply Chain Integration, Part 2
11 Warehousing
12 Material Handling and Packaging
Week 3: Performance Measurement
13 Introduction to Performance Measurement
14 Performance Measurement: Determining Appropriate Metrics
15 Performance Measurement: Benchmarking and Accounting
16 Performance Measurement: Financial Considerations
17 Performance Measurement: Variation Across the Supply Chain
Week 4: Supply Chain Value Assessment
18 Interview: Value Creation in SCM
19 Cooper Processing Introduction
20 Cooper Processing Solution
21 Services Supply Chain Introduction
22 Services Supply Chain Example
Week 5: Marks & Spencer Case
23 Marks and Spencer Introduction: A Retail Empire
24 Marks and Spencer Introduction: The Salsbury Era
25 Marks and Spencer Introduction: Case Assignment
26 Marks and Spencer Solution Part I
27 Marks and Spencer Solution Part II
Week 6: Supply Chain Risk Management
28 Role of SCM Professionals in Risk Management
29 Supply Chain Sustainability, Part 1
30 Supply Chain Sustainability, Part 2
31 Enhancing Supply Chain Sustainability Through Education, Part 1
32 Enhancing Supply Chain Sustainability Through Education, Part 2
33 Dynamics of Supply Chain Design
Week 7: Logistics Outsourcing and Spares
34 Logistics Outsourcing: What is a Third Party Logistics Provider
35 Logistics Outsourcing: Services of a Third Party Logistics Provider
36 Logistics Outsourcing: Benefits of a Third Party Logistics Provider
37 Logistics Outsourcing: Finding a Third Party Logistics Provider
38 Logistics Outsourcing: Merging with a Third Party Logistics Provider
39 Spares and Repairables
Week 8: SCOR and Conclusions
40 Introduction to the SCOR Model
41 SCOR Processes, Metrics and Best Practices
42 Applying the SCOR Model
43 Interview: Supply Chain Innovation
44 Supply Chain Management Conclusion