Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management – Strategic Sourcing

Next Start Date: Apr 1, 2019

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3 Course Program

Supply chains are becoming ever more complicated due to changing technology, fluctuating supply costs and unpredictable economic factors. Consequently, purchasing managers must be highly adaptive, knowledgeable and prepared to implement supply management strategies that will function within an organization’s competitive goals. This professional development program can help you gain the techniques and know-how to answer these ever-present challenges.

Brought to you by Michigan State University – ranked #1 in Supply Chain Management for both undergraduate and graduate programs by U.S. News & World Report in 2019 – this 100% online program delves into the indispensable part strategic sourcing plays in any organization’s overall success. It will illuminate time-tested approaches to reworking your sourcing strategies and reveal proven methods to accurately evaluate your existing and prospective suppliers.

Those who successfully complete the track will earn 10.5 Continuing Education units (CEUs) and receive a total of four certificates – three course certificates and a Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management – Strategic Sourcing.

Strategic Sourcing $2480

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Strategic Supply Management $2480

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Supply Base Management $2480

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Total $6845 $7440

24 Week Program Save up to $595 on 3 course package

In today’s complex global business world, an organization’s overall success boils down to the efficiency and effectiveness of its supply chain. Competitive strength relies both on a firm’s products and the processes that provide products to customers. Effective supply chain management (SCM) enhances productivity and performance with the strategic combination of people, systems and technology to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Each online certificate program provides you with tools and techniques from experienced supply chain faculty and explores global trends and contemporary issues affecting, and affected by, supply chain management.

What You'll Learn

Combine the indispensable knowledge of strategic sourcing with forward-thinking supply management strategies to:

  • Align your supply management strategy with your organization’s competitive strategy
  • Create supplier pricing models and scrutinize price reduction models
  • Improve your assessment system for present and potential suppliers
  • Best determine when and how to enlist third-party support
  • Lead your organization’s efforts to further promote ethical sourcing

Who Should Register

This program benefits mid- and senior-level professionals, as well as those aspiring to management-level positions. This Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management – Strategic Sourcing is ideal for those interested in evolving their supply base and strategic supply methodologies and anyone seeking more in-depth strategic sourcing knowledge and skills.