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Supply Chain Management Online Program Faculty

M. Bixby Cooper, PhD


Dr. M. Bixby Cooper is an Associate Professor with the Department of Supply Chain Management. He received his BS from the University of North Carolina, his MBA from the University of Virginia and his PhD from the University of Alabama. Dr. Cooper has spent time in Japan, Korea, Australia and Brazil, gaining invaluable knowledge about their cultural and business practices. Through his travels and research abroad studying distribution practices, Dr. Cooper has gained a greater understanding of the ideology of logistics and distribution. Dr. Cooper pulls from these international experiences to enhance his lectures and encourage students to understand cultural differences existent in the business world. He believes a great challenge to conducting business abroad is dealing with a diversity of cultures and languages. Despite these inherent challenges, he stresses the value of doing business abroad and its ability to broaden students' understanding of the global environment. Dr. Cooper hopes to see Michigan State University improve its joint programs with universities abroad, specifically with universities that have strong business programs.

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