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Graduate Certificates

For-Credit Graduate Certificates
For-Credit Graduate Certificates

Expand Your Expertise With For-Credit Graduate Certificates 100% Online

Whether you’re looking to improve your strategic management skills or seeking advanced knowledge to help you move to the next level in your career, MSU’s for-credit graduate certificates provide post-baccalaureate programs in a fraction of the time it takes to earn a master’s degree. While you earn your credential 100% online, you will be enrolled in the same classes as master’s degree-seeking students, learning from the same faculty members who teach on campus. The credits you earn can be applied toward a master’s degree should you decide to pursue one in the future. 

Human Resource Management and Development

Whether you’re a human resource manager or someone responsible for managing human resources, this program will enhance your competencies so you can position yourself as a strategic partner within your organization. 

Leadership and Managing Teams

Focus on the core team leadership themes universal to any organization or industry, and build a broad spectrum of skills in team design, negotiation, organizational design and effective communication. 

Strategic Management

Develop your strategic management competencies and become a more resourceful leader who can define strategies and guide organizations.