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For-Credit Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management Course Descriptions


MGT 850 Competitive and Business Strategy

Learn concepts and methods that integrate previous training in functional areas of management. You will understand the total firm perspective and ways top managers create and sustain competitive advantage in today's challenging global marketplace.

*MGT 802 Strategic Analysis

Perform a supervised analysis of your employing organization, by interviewing the CEO or other visible leader. Then assess the correspondence between the leader's vision and concepts presented in the program.

*MGT 802 must be completed in the last semester.

Electives – Must Complete Any Three of the Following Courses

MGT 804 International Management

Understand management challenges and roles in a multinational business. Explore strategic planning in global firms, managing people in international organizations, leadership and the future of international management.

MGT 842 Leading the Strategic Change Process

Analyze and manage the change process in organizations. Learn about micro- and macro-organizational interventions.

MGT 856 Corporate Strategy

Discover the management strategy behind multi-business firms, conglomerates and business groups. Topics will focus on mergers and acquisitions, firm scope, strategic alliances, corporate governance and strategic leadership.

MGT 873 Strategic Decision Making

Understand the process of strategic decision making by identifying issues that impede and improve decision success, and examining a range of contextual factors that influence the decision process.