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Dr. Tomas Hult Discusses What’s Needed to Have a Successful Global Management Career

By Bisk on December 27, 2013


The key takeaway from the Global Strategy course is a proven global strategy framework that is working for many global companies. A manageable set of what is going on to understand the core uniqueness, the similarities that exist in the global marketplace, and where the company fits in, in their industry no matter how global that industry is.

Secondary takeaways include which key trigger points or which key triggers lead to success for global companies. How to measure them - incredibly important - but how to measure them is an integrated part of the global strategy course and how to strategically line them with a company's industry and organizational capabilities, the organization's infrastructure, the architecture, the backbone, the foundation of the company, and how they go about selling their products to really achieve maximum global impact.

I'm a great believer that the process of doing global business is the key learning aspect in terms of learning by global markets and achieve success. Learning depth knowledge about a country, language or specific issue may be important of such narrow focus is critical to success.

For example, learning Swedish, my native language, is really not that important for people who are not going to operate in Sweden on a regular basis. As much as I want everyone to learn about Sweden, it's not important if you are not operating in that country on a regular basis.

So learning the process of doing global business I find to be a critical key point in terms of learning and having the knowledge to operate effectively in the global marketplace.

This certificate will make each individual completing it have a greater degree of global competence and that's really the key – the global competence.

Are you sophisticated enough to be in Italy one day, Uganda the next day, Sweden perhaps the next day, Brazil the next and so on?

Do you have the global competence and do you understand the process of global business more so than the depth knowledge of certain aspects of each of those countries.

That is important to me. So process, process, process-that's what it takes to effectively operate in the global marketplace.

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